Cast Iron Griddle

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Nausea Bagwash


"I have one integral to my hob, but I'm too scared to use it. Totally pathetic, but it's an ancient cooker than came with the house I'm not entirely sure how use it. Any tips as to how to test the correct temp?"
Disgusting as it may sound, I used to know an old lady who used to spit on the gridldle to test the heat. Her scotch pancakes were divine.

Nowadays I wet my fingers and flick the water onto the griddle. If it (the water) immediately rolls into a ball and jumps about then the griddle in hot enough.

I have an integral one on my cooker, heated by a gas jet that runs the length of the griddle. It doesn't seem to heat the griddle evenly.

Dottie May

Cast Iron Griddle

This thread has reminded me that I have my late ma-in-laws bakestone in the Garage. I believe it was last year when I asked for comments on how to clean it but I never got around to doing it. I'm now fired with enthusiasm to get cracking, especially as I see a new one is around £40. Many thanks for the web site you provided "Rosemary's".



Thanks NB and WC for your tips. I gave it a go and can report back that it was actually very straight forward to use - hot in middle, cooler at edge, and unheated section at the back to keep things warm. I worked that out by looking at the burner position, but naturally had to try out the suggested heat test method, just for a laugh ;)

Didn't try anything fancy, just a few potato farls which are pretty fool proof. The dogs only got the first one!

I'm so glad this thread came up, as I have learnt something new :)



Three Cheers!

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