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Food Processors.

I think they are all a pain in this Maura!





Kenwood were bought out years ago, they have no manufacturing of their own.



are part of DeLonghi.

As I already said, my £25 Kenwood food processor was simply brilliant.

sam from worthing

FP scraping troubles

i agree with James, i think they are all pretty aawful for getting every last scrapping from.

I have a very flexible spatula thingy, its like a wobbly plastic but stiff - if that makes sense, similar to the Le C kind, i find that very useful for emptying my FP bowl nice and cleanly.



for Maura

"'Chutney' - excuse my ignorance here but what do you do with your magimix when making chutney? I do grate large quantities of courgettes in my FP as so quick but not considered what else I could do with it for chutney prep."

Maura, I do everything that requires being finely chopped or minced. For instance for Delia's green tomato chutney, I do the green toms, then the onions and garlic, followed by the raisins , then the apples. I do them all with the main blade, but carefully so they are still a bit lumpy (apart from the raisins which I chop until they form a ball). Last weekend I used up some marrows to do River Cottage chutney and processed them the same way. I found it quicker than using the grating discs. I also chop tinned toms if they are whole, and ginger - anything, really.
I've been given loads of apples so I wash and core them and take out any nasty bits, but don't peel them as they are home grown.
Yesterday I chopped 2kg quinces finely and then cooked them in 3 pints water - it's much quicker than bigger lumps. I strained them overnight added lemon juice and this morning made a dozen jars of gorgeous quince jelly.

Hope this helps.


Karole Meade-King

Quince Jelly made by Sue

Hi there Sue, Just read your idea for making the quince jelly. sounds so good, could you please give me the full recipe?
Many thanks from Karole


quince jelly

It's a very vague sort of recipe, Karole. I chop them finely (so you still have very small pieces - not quite a puree) in my magimix in batches, then put in a large pan. Just cover with water (this could be about 750ml to a litre for 1kg) and cook till soft. If you chop them finely as I suggest, they take about 20-30 mins tops to soften. I've seen recipes where they are roughly chopped then take 4 hours to cook!
Then set up a muslin cloth over a bowl. I use a colander tied with string over my large preserving pan, which is, in fact a very large stockpot, which can easily take 20lb of chutney at a time! I drape the muslin over the colander. You don't get that much juice, but the colander's feet touch the juice in my smaller large pans and I don't like that to happen.

You can buy jelly bags at Lakeland, I think. I was there this very morning at our brand new shop at meadowhell, but I didn't stop to look as I just wanted my free box of chocolates! It's not a place where I like to linger. Meadowhell, not Lakeland.

I have just discovered an old deep fat fryer which has never seen oil, but I use the pan for other things. It has a basket for draining the chips. I'm going to try that with my last batch of quinces which arrived on Saturday.

Back to the jelly. Drip it overnight then measure the juice. Don't squeeze it or it will be cloudy. For every pint of juice add 1lb sugar. Dissolve the sugar, add the juice of a lemon. For my last 2kg batch, I got about 3 pints and added 150ml lemon juice. Bring to the boil and boil till set (5-10mins or so).

You can use what is left in the muslin to make membrillo (quince paste) by pressing it through a sieve. I've not done that yet, but might try it this time. You can find recipes online.

Sorry to ramble on, but do let me know if you have any more questions.



food processor

I see you have a kenwood Food processor fp505.
I was wondering if you still had the instruction manual? if so could you possibly copy for me, as I have just bought one second hand
Would be happy to pay cost of photocopy and postage.
01288 353009

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