Equipment for new-to-cooking?

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sam from worthing

new to cooking equipment

i think a good pair of scales are fairly essential.

mine where actually a free gift from applying to have some recipe cards sent (thanks James for the heads up on that one) they have an option to go from lbs and oz's to gr and kg's and the sort you can add and weigh.

a large ish deep sided frying pan, you can make so much in one of those, this is one of my most used item, especially for preping a casserole type dish, that you start on the hob then put in the oven, as i only have one pot that can go from hob to oven, so my frying pan comes out, for the intial stages.

silicone/plastic fish slice, so pans don;t get scratched.

wooden spoon.

chefs knife.

veg peeler.


grater, box kind with 4 diffferent graters.

pyrex measuring jug.

balloon whisk.

pryex dishes, for marinating and storing.

oven gloves.


and delias complete cookery course, or, How to cook.

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