Measuring scales?

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Measuring scales

That's what mine looks like, looked this evening. Usually I have no problem at all but if the flour is older than usual, albeit in-date, I do sometimes have problems. Thanks.


Kitchen scales

I have a set of "normal" scales with a large bowl as I make all our bread. I also have another set of normal scales with a smaller bowl. Finally, and which I find most useful, I have a flat square scales which measure in all different units (ie you can measure 3g quite easily). I think they are called electronic scales. I bought mine from Lakeland I think (buy 99% of my kitchen equipment from there) and whilst the other scales do get used regularly, these are most useful. You can put a saucepan or whatever on them, put the measurement back to zero and then measure eg syrup in grams, then back to zero, change to pounds and ounces and add butter etc etc. I think they would be a good buy for you. You can also put a jug on there and measure liquids - all very useful.


Small scales

"Hope this question isn't too silly, but what kind of scale should I buy? The other day I had to measure 3.5 grams of yeast. How on earth do you measure something so small!"

You can buy tiny scales, called 'pocket scales' for measuring small amounts. I do have some but my particular ones are no longer made. If you Google pocket scales, you should find some easily enough. I think mine weigh to within 0.1g and they are usually bought by jewellers and chemist where small scale precision is necessary.

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