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What we're used to (Cooking spoons thread)

I have some of my gran's and my mum's stuff and have used it all my life. I'm convinced it's better than modern stuff...but maybe others wouldn't agree. In the end, all these things are 'tools' and even the best tools need getting used to.

For me, with digital scales, anything over 5g in mass gets weighed not volumed. So yeast, sugar and salt in a loaf gets volumed in a measure, but 15g butter gets weighed as does 100ml water, 100ml oil..... Suits me and I suspect it's the way folk will be doing it in future but whatever makes you comfortable.

There's also the 'feel-nice' factor. Tea from a nice pot tastes better than tea from a stainless. Obviously not!

If I had some nice spoons like Delia's, I'd have stayed with them, I think, but since I don't any plastic ones will do.

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