Help please, apple with a furry skin

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Biggles !


"I'm confused by the prickly shrub..."

This is a link to the prickly shrub and is the one I'm very familiar with. Found in gardens all over the UK and here in France.


Prickly Shrub Quince

Thank you Biggles for giving this wonderful plant the correct name.
As I have said before, this makes a lovely sparkling drink.
As you are in France - is it something that the French make?
I was amazed in my experimentation all those years ago that I only had to add water and sugar. A very cheap wonderful refreshing drink.

Biggles !


Hi Jimschick, it seems we British and the French do very different things with fruits. The French that we are friendly with think we are very odd because we make 'country' wines and sloe gin and beer. They will make a jam with elderberries but we make wine. They buy an alcohol for bottling fruits and steep the fruits in it. Great fun learning the differences. Around here they don't seem to do much in the way of pickles, chutneys or ketchup's either. I usually take a small jar of whatever we produce in to my neighbour. If it is a sweet thing I know she will like it and she saves the ketchups and sour things for when her family visit. It's helping my French too because I have to try and explain how the whatever has been made :0)

I will have to make extra mincemeat this year because it was a real hit with the locals last year.


both types of quince

This year seems to have been a bumper year for quinces as I have been given a load - of both types. I have made jelly out of the large furry ones, and used the small ones for jelly some on their own and some with crabapples.

I still have a couple of kilos of small ones which I plan to use for quince and cranberry jam. I'll cook them as for jelly. then push them through a sieve. It's lovely as a sweet spread or with the Christmas turkey.


OOOOO!! Chutney after your advice again

" still have a couple of kilos of small ones which I plan to use for quince and cranberry jam. I'll cook them as for jelly. then push them through a sieve. It's lovely as a sweet spread or with the Christmas turkey."

Thanks for your great advice on the Pumpkin, Apricot and Almond Chutney. All made and bottled now.
Would love a T&T Quince recipe please Our friends have picked up their chooks tonight (residents for 2 weeks) and given me a big bag of quinces sme as big as applies !! please xx


quince and cranberry jam for Yummy

I'm assuming T&T means tried and tested!

My 2 kilos of quinces were in fact 3, so I only used half of them for this and plan to use the other half at the weekend. Now I've been given another 2 kilos of the large ones - aren't I lucky! Never known a year like it.

Anyway, the recipe for 1 kilo:

Process 1 kilo quinces finely in Magimix. Add 750 mls water (to just cover) and simmer till soft adding a little more water if they seem to catch. Mine didn't. I don't peel them or core them as you then sieve them, pushing as much through as possible.

Simmer some cranberries in a small amount of water till soft. The recipe calls for a kilo, but I only used 180g for 1500g quinces and the jam was a gorgeous colour. I microwaved them.

Then you can either weigh or measure the pulp and cranberries, adding 1lb sugar per pound or pint. I got just under 3 pint but I made it up to 3 with water and added 3lb sugar. I may try weighing my next batch. It made quite a lot of fairly tart jam, which set really quickly. Wonderful with roast meat.

Let me know how you get on. I hope this isn't too late. You should have emailed me!

I think I just got the chutney recipe from tinterweb. I haven't made it for a while.


Chutney - Thanks

Thanks for the recipe for Quince and Cranberry Jam, sound gorgeous. Will let you know how I fair......think I have about 5 kilos !!

So may have to pass some on I think :0)

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