One happy bunny

We know many of you are keen on gardening, so here's your latest plot: dug over, weed free and ready to sow the seeds of new ideas...


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Biggles !

Glowing bunnies....

Haha, go for it Liz. Having spent most of my life a size or three larger than I should be I was a tad diffident about booking a massage. But then I found someone with whom I was not embarrased. I think massages along with facials and pedicures should be freely available on the NHS. OK, I'm only being partially faceatious (sp) it's soooooooo good :0)


Glowing bunnies

How my Crocus order has evolved into a total pamper thread I will never know !!

Expat Badger

happy bunnies

i have pedicures through the summer - about one every four weeks. Everyone seems to do this here - totally the norm. I repaint as necessary but they do the hard work. Nothing nicer than freshly manicured tootsies.

we had a couples massage in Mexico a few weeks ago and that was lovely (well it was our anniversary!)

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