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Haven't a clue what galangal is, or need to know what to use if you can't buy creme fraiche locally? We're sure our knowledgeable members will be able to point you in the right direction...


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Nausea Bagwash

"gritty" raisins

It's down to the variety of grapes that the raisins are made from. Some have seeds and some are seedless - "you pays your money and you takes your chance". The raisins are certainly not adulterated.

Nausea Bagwash

dried fruit

"Does it really matter what proportion these are used in? I often add the three weights together and make it up with whatever fruits I have."

I cheat and used packets of mixed dried fruit. I find most supermarkets' value range are ok and I add extras like chopped apricots, glace pineapple, cherries, prunes, even mango sometimes, to beef up the ordinary mixed fruit. DS's Mrs Thingy's boiled fruit cake out of the cake book responds well to this treatment (even more so if you substitute half booze half water or all booze for the plain water in the recipe).


Dried fruit

Thank you NB, that is rather what I hoped for, and the bit about booze, helps use up all those boring ends of bottles!!!

queen jean


bolas i know the pain you must have gone through on passing it ,it is dreadfull .it happened to me last summer in the middle of the night.oooh dear never again i hope .



I've had all sorts of problems with grit in fruit that is supposed to have been washed, both fruit I've used at home and in shop-bought products. Traditionally, fruit is laid out in the sun to dry, or so I've been told. So I'm going back to washing mine as I used to. But even worse than getting grit is getting an actual piece of stone that broke a tooth, and that was in up-market muesli. I eventually lost that tooth. Nothing lives up to its initial promise nowadays.

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