Room temperature from the fridge

Haven't a clue what galangal is, or need to know what to use if you can't buy creme fraiche locally? We're sure our knowledgeable members will be able to point you in the right direction...


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Room temperature from the fridge

Thank you Sonya, and all,

Yes I had heard that temperature made a difference, but couldn't find where - Delia's tapes talk about freshness (ability to float) but apart from the directive "room temperature" I don't recall anything else.

Today I did exactly as (many of) you suggested and utilised a bowl of warm water whilst getting the rest of my act together. Not sure that I could taste the difference in my scrambled eggs, etc, on ciabatta rolls for lunch; but I enjoyed it anyway!

We live in a warmer location than LON, so we keep lots of things in the fridge here that we didn't in the UK...

Again, thanks,

Noreen, Board Moderator


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