Brown Pickle

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More than welcome Sam.
Found the response rather daunting to be honest ! Have a small library of hand written family recipes , the earliest dated 1865 !!
And no, I'm not quite that old !


Brown pickle

Good morning,
Could you help me please?
I have made your Brown Pickle recipe, it smells lovely!
But, I simmered it for much longer than 2 hrs, its all still crunchy, is this ok?
Also there is lots of liquid- should I reduce it?
I have never made pickle before,I welcome your reply !
Many thanks
Kind Regards

sam from worthing

Brown Pickle

Glad you have bumped this thread - its lovely, truly is.

Yes, the veggies will still be crunchy, they wont be overly crunchy, but crunchy.

The sauce will thicken more once it has been jarred up and cooled down. leave it for a couple of months and it will be perfect.

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