Cheese on Toast

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Cheese on Toast

Talking of scrambled egg, I made a successful dish the other day with potato, cheese and egg bake. The egg turned out like scrambled with a light liquid gravy (milk) in the bake.

Potatoes (I used new par-boiled)
Fresh toms (mis-shapen ones from the garden)
Fresh Basil
Fresh Parsley
3 eggs, milk
Ground black pepper, and Knorr Aromat

Par boil potatoes and slice
Beat the eggs till aerated then add enough milk to make a volume suitable for your casserole dish
Add the finely chopped herbs and tomato, Aromat and pepper to the egg mix.

Oil bottom of casserole and layer the potato slices. Crumble half the feta and spoon half the Philly over the potato add the courgette sliced and add the other half of the cheese, over. Pour the egg mix over and bake at 180C for about half an hour till steaming hot and just turning brown. The volume will rise as the egg sets.

You lot will probably want onion and garlic, which I am allergic to.

We ate half at the first meal then the other half reheated on the second. We both enjoyed it more the second day so maybe cook and chill the day before? We'll try.

I think maybe a few whole black and green peppercorns added to the egg mix might work well.


c on t

a very lighty sprinkle of cayenne pepper before you toast the cheese is quite nice. Or a light dollop of sweet chilli sauce over toasted cheese


Cheese on Toast

Simple cheese on toast has to be white bread toasted one side, a good strong cheddar like Cornish Quartz and then smeared with English Mustard and grilled until just brown.

But my favourite is cheese and onion toasties done in a roasting pan on the floor of the top oven of the AGA. Sandwich of cheese and onion and the outside of the bread buttered and turned until crisp.

H x

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