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Carol Murray

eggs and cakes

Hello Delia,
I use eggs straight from the hen so they are all different sizes. It has been suggested that I weigh the eggs when making a cake and match the flour, butter and sugar to the egg weight. What do you think of this method?
Thank you

violet eyes

making bread

Hi Delia

Do you make your own bread and if so do you make it by hand or have you a breadmaker?
I treated myself to one last year and now make bread about 4 times a week, it's so much nicer than shop bought bread.

Noreen, Board Moderator

Violet Eyes

Delia is live answering questions now until 2pm. Why not ask your question yourself?

Go to the home page and look for the Coveritlive box

violet eyes


I thought putting it here was ok, as you know I'm no good with computers. No wonder Delia didn't see it. I'll try to remember to ask her next time. Thanks for letting me know :o)

Liz from Cumbria

Delia's web chat

Was unable to participate today but really enjoyed catching up with the chat. As usual, Delia comes across as a very gracious lady and is she becoming a little more techno-savvy?

As an aside, I really love the "Ask Lyndsey" (hope I've spelled her name correctly)section of the site, a great addition.

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