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Gravy Queen 1

Live webchat questions

My 82 year old Dad can cook but as he is on his own now he doesn't bother as much , relying more on ready meals. I will be showing him your online cookery courses to try and inspire him ! Do you think they will appeal to all ages ?

queen jean


in the video making the sponge you advise on weighing scales ,where can i buy the mearuring jug you show for liquids .i would like to buy one


Bread Knife

Hi Delia, you said in one of your questions/answers that the one thing you couldn't do was slice bread. Well I have found the ideal bread knife that slices bread as though it were butter, and you can purchase it from Carrs the flour people. It is so good all my family members and friends now have one!

David Chamings

David Chamings

I have just bought your new book "Delia's Cakes and have two questions.

1. Are all your temperatures for a conventional oven i.e as I use a fan oven do I need to knock 20 degrees off your recommended temperatures.

2. I notice you are recommending Lurpak spreadable butter. I notice in our local supermarket that this is sold in tubs as slighly salted. Does it make any difference to your recipes if you use salted or unsalted butter?

Sorry for the basic questions but my baking is still at the "novice level"

The recipes in your new book look very inviting and I look forward to trying them out.

Thank you

David Chamings

p.s. Sorry cannot make your Tuesday webchat.

Dottie May

Live webchat with Delia!

From the Home page I read the article re Hotpot Pictures and surprised only 8 people were involved in the making of your Online Cookery School. How long did it take and did you have to retake any of the shots or were they spot on every time?


Baking with a fan oven.

I've recently started baking my own cakes with varied success. I follow the recipe to the letter, I have the correct size tins and use the correct ingredients. The only thing I can't follow is the oven temperature, because I have a fan oven. The temperatures given never seem to include fan ovens. As a rule of thumb I tend to turn down the temperature by 20 degrees, ie if it states 180 I use 160. I always check the temperature with an external oven thermometer. Sometimes this works and other times not so successful. Please could you advise what temperatures you would use. Thank you.



I have blind baked many pastry cases and tried both ways. I found overlaping pastry and baking then trimming is a bit hit and miss because the pastry can break. I have found the best way is to trim the pastry raw and place pastry case in the fridge until well chilled and then bake blind from cold. This avoids any shrinkege and produces a perfect flan case. Hope this is useful.

sam from worthing

delia live chat question.

I am not the best baker in my family, but i do enjoy it.

I have a question regarding your cherry cake recipe.... yes, AGAIN.

no matter what i do, and i follow your recipe to the letter every single time.

and have taken other members advice.

but, my cherry's always seem to sink, or are very close to the bottom of the cake with the exception of maybe 2 or 3, that pop to the very top and then burn.

please help me.

sam from worthing

Live delia chat question.

I am also rather useless at Hot Cross Bun cakes.

They seem to more resemble smooth rock cakes. Again I have followed your recipe, and again i get the same results - although, if i make the dough into a BIG round (more like a loaf), i do seem to get slightly better results.

I do follow your instructions, but this is another of my flop creations.

Sue Monro

Sue Monro

Hi Noreen, I've just posted a question about using bigger cake tins for the bigger family and would love to ask Delia for her advice....what quantity of ingredients should I use for 24cm cake tins...I have tried using 12oz of flour etc but have found my cakes are sinking in the middle even though I do not open the oven door...what temperature should I cook at using a fan oven? Thank you so much for your help. (The cakes taste nice just don't look so good!)


Fantastic equipment

"Join Delia on March 5th between 12.30 and 1.30 for a live webchat, where she will be answering your questions on her Online Cookery School, Delia's Cakes and as many baking questions she can get through. If you are unable to join in on the day, why not ask your question on this forum?

Is there any way I could purchase the baking tins , liners, etc to be posted to Australia?
I have most of your books and am really looking forward to brushing up on my cooking skills by following this online course.
So pleased I saw you on Graham Norton!


Cherry cake

Sam, I don't know if this has been suggested but if you don't already, rinse the cherries and pat dry, then toss them in a very small amount of flour, shaking off the surplus. It may help. Other than that, I can only think your mixture is too wet (eggs too large?). Good luck.


freezing flour

I freeze flour all the time. If I see a bargain and I have room in my freezer I buy it in bulk. Wrap it well and use it straight from the freezer. In some cases it may be better to let it come to room temperature but it will be free flowing so you can use it very quickly.


Carving Lamb

Tom, traditionally lamb is carved thickly and when we carve a leg of lamb we carve it in wedges, going down towards the bone. If you do this, your knife meets the previous cut and the meat comes off the bone easily.


Carving lamb

Thanks Honey. I know that's what the book says but when I do it, the slices don't come off unless I take a small sharp knife like a filleting knife to trim it off the bone. I'm sure it's just technique...would be nice to see it done on a video. Would be great if Delia could show the technique in her cooking course series. Presentation is so very important.

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