Valentines Day

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Valentine's Day

Possibly not the most romantic moment, but this morning dawned, and I'd forgotten it was V Day, and hadn't written the card - so when husband popped out to check if the post had come, I quickly wrote it. He came back in, said there was no post, and handed me my card (which he obviously had just been writing when he went outside!). We're definitely (slighty forgetful) soulmates!

Tubs - that menu and your whole V-day thing sounds totally lovely!


Valentine's Day

Normally just cards, but S asked me to make the tea this morning; when I went downstairs there was a beautiful bouquet of flowers. He's a cabbie and he called in to Tesco's on his way home at midnight and said there was a steady stream of men getting cards and gifts.

Personally I think Valentine's Day is just a marketing tool. If your partner loves you and you love them back and show it on a daily basis that is far more important than a gesture once a year. That said, I am very appreciative of the beautiful flowers, stocks, freesias, roses and carnations; shame I've had a stinking cold and have lost my sense of smell!


Valentine's Day

Tubs, I agree with DG, your day sounds lovely and very meaningful.

Saffy - I am jealous. This morning I was presented with the tattiest bunch of garage flowers - I would rather have had none than such a dreadful bunch. And I know that probably makes me sound v ungrateful but I would have rather had a £2 bunch of pretty daffs! My not very funny Valentine ......



We don't celebrate it, but as it happens we will be lunching out together.

I'm with you on the flowers, Pantastic. Cannot abide the cheap bouquets often available in supermarkets and by the side of the road. I particularly abhor carnations - and as for the dyed ones....shudder!

As you say, give me a bunch of daffodils any day!

Hope everyone enjoys today, whether celebrating Valentines or otherwise.


Valentine's Day.....

Lol Saffy.....
My lovely Hubby presented me with a beautiful bouquet of White Roses!!!


Valentines day

Thanks DG and Pan-tastic. We've had a lovely day and the menu was a huge success, the duck was especially good. I got some flowers too, Lidl had 12 red roses for £3 and 12 tulips for £2. They were lovely.
By the way we tell each other every single day that we love each other......and mean it!

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