For all the new faces...

Welcome to our Coffee Break forum! Here you can chat to other members, not just about cooking, food, ingredients and recipes, but anything that takes your fancy. Share your stories, culinary or otherwise. So. What’s on your mind today?


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New faces

You will see me post as Crumbles and Britbabe, on my home and work computer. I left the UK. in 1977 and now live just outside Las Vegas NV. Not one to go into retirement quietly, at the age of 58, I opened my own bakery called Crumbles and we have been open since last November. I am bringing some of the baked goods and pastries that we know so well in Britain to our growing British community and to our American friends as well as producing the familiar American standbys. I am not married or have any children or pets.I do have family in Wimbourne, Dorset and friends in Bromsgrove. I read the posts every day, it brings me a sense of home, which I still miss every day.

Dottie May

For all the new faces......

My details are already on my Profile.

Noreen, Board Moderator


Lovely story!

Sue H

Hello everyone

Hi, I'm Sue and this is my first time here. I saw Delia on the Graham Norton show this week and it inspired me to look for her website (I also thought how fabulous she looked!) I'm a long time fan with a few of her earlier books as well as a few later ones. She talks such sense. I'm a fanatical baker having learned as a youngster from my aunt who had a 'proper home bakery' in Middlesbrough in the 60s. Baking is my 'wind down' when I get stressed or if I'm just in the mood to cook. I'm looking forward to sharing my successes and disasters with my new friends here. thanks Suex


New faces...

Welcome, Sue - hope you'll enjoy this site.



Hi Sue, I bake all of our bread at home and most cakes. Not really for the 'love of it' but because it's better. I used to bake bread in the oven but now I use the Panasonic. I keep meaning to make sourdough.

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