Horse meat in burgers..

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I was shocked to read the report last night .
I make my own burgers , have done so for years , have got a burger press from Lakeland , it was so cheap , but it works well for me.
I feel sorry for the people who are not allowed pork , they must be sickened today to read this report

Biggles !

Horse meat in burgers...

"I couldn't agree ...... LESS! The fact it is horse meat is almost irrelevant compared to the issues of deceiving customers....... - if they can't get this right, what about the rest of their food?"

I so agree with this commnent.

I would prefer not to eat horse, nor rabbit but have eaten both. I prefer not to eat these meats. The religious implications are horrendous and it is no wonder certain religions insist on using their own butchering services. Halal meat is quite readily available here in France now and to be honest, I will often buy it.

Thanks for your Venison sausage recipe Gerry; I have 'nicked it' to make later in the year. I bought an electric meat mincer last year; best purchase I have made in a long time. The mincer treats the meat differently to a food processor so I would not use the FP to process the meat; that's me though; be too lumpy or too smashed up. I'm thoroughly enjoying my home made sausages. I'm not using any kind of skin and we quite like the way the sausages are cooking up.

Queen of Puds

Horse meat in burgers..

I was having this very conversation with a taxi driver this morning & we agreed that you get what you pay for in terms of quality.

Like others, I don't think the fact that it was horse is really the issue & I do think that food standards are more likely to be compromised where the profit margins are so small that suppliers & retailers are tempted to bend the rules. But ultimately, I think we'd be quite ill if we really knew what had wound up in our food chain.

Having said that, whilst I will try almost anything (once, anyway), & might even eat cat or dog for survival, I think I would have some small difficulty swallowing rat....



Glad you're back; I'd been wondering what had happened to you. Do hope you enjoy the sausages.


Horse meat in burgers

I rarely buy buyers, choosing to make my own. It's the veggies who need to worry, I'd heard that they'd found uniquorn in the veggie burgers ;o)

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