Advice of the Souflee macaroni Cheese.

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Mac Cheese

"Glad your mac cheese turned out well James and that you enjoyed your evening.
I too have read 'The Thread'....a lovely book and I do like VH's books. Have you read 'The Island' & 'The Return' another two good books by V.H. xx"

Yes, Dolores I have read the other two and really enjoyed them, that was what prompted me to buy this one....can't wsit to read it now :0)

Noreen, Board Moderator

Souffled Macaroni Cheese

Well - having read all the threads on this post, it's given me a taste for this recipe, haven't made it for ages so it is now on the menu tonight!

sam from worthing

souffle macaroni cheese

i agree with James, this is a lovely dish and ever so light - i make this recipe once in a while, but i have an itching for it now too.

usually make my own macaroni cheese with little additions, like spring onions, or especially topped with tomatoes, or hidden chopped up frankfurters/crispy bacon chopped up.

i always make sure i have the ingredients in for a macaroni cheese - for emergencies.

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