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Ah yes population control. Very good idea if you can decide who shouldn't have too many babies.

Education is the greatest driver of population control, in that if you educate women they have the ability to earn a living. Health care is also a big factor in that mothers don't lose babies in infancy.

But how do you deliver these things in countries that discourage female education and adequate health care.

We fail to dissuade 'unsuitable' mothers from having multiple pregnancies in this country, so what hope elsewhere?



See, that's where I have no answers - in countries where we have the education, we also have a welfare system that supports people no matter how many children they produce - no one starves in the west - whilst in developing countries, without our welfare systems, people have traditionally had a lot of children to ensure some survive to adulthood, because they don't have the support systems that we do.

Western politicians are too concerned with winning their next election, and that takes precedence over any 'awkward' legislation that could cause them to lose votes, no matter how beneficial for the human race such legislation would be.

I'm not a fan of Chinese politics, on the whole, but at least they've attempted to address this issue - though of course they get criticized for breaching 'human rights' by so doing. Maybe another approach would be to reward people for NOT having children - but that's going to take a big change of attitude and a realisation that with rights come responsibilities. Shan't hold my breath.

I guess in the end it's a self-solving problem - the Earth can only support so many people, and the rate we're going there will be severe and unavoidable problems in the not too distant future. When I was born, there were around 2 billion people on Earth - now there are 7 billion - and that's just in my lifetime! Makes you think.

For the record, I chose not to have children - although I can't say my decision had much to do with social responsibility!

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