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Not loyal to anyone in particular .We don't have an Aldi or Lidl anywhere near us so mainly Asda and Tescos where I can also buy petrol especially as it is cheaper (!!!) there these days . DIL loves Lidl for fresh veg .



I read in the financial pages that Tesco is going to bring out a range that is like the products sold in Waitrose.

Find it a bit hard to believe when even their 'Finest' range is not quite there. Their meal for a tenner always seems a bit 'cheap' compared with the M&S offering.


Best Supermarket

I don't have that much selection where I live. When I lived in Warlingham in Surry I ALWAYS shopped in Sainsburys as it was a really good one and not far away was a Waitrose which I occasionally used, now however, Tescos is my nearest and that is 11 miles away. There is a C Op which is nearer and not bad but I can't get everything there. I use local greengrocers, butchers and farm shops and mostly Tesco for the rest but agree that mostly it depends on your store manager more than anything else.
We do have an Aldi about 20 miles away which I have used and they do have some nice and cheap things but its a bit too far to go to.

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Best Supermarket

I do my shop online and have done for years now and I've shopped around and been able to do comparisons.

I've stuck with Tesco now for a while, the service is fantastic, deliveries spot on (and cheerful!),and the Customer Care team are brilliant. I can even get my quails eggs there now plus they stock an excellent "free from " range which I need for my gluten free products.

My worse online experience was with Ocado. It held so much promise, like a new relationship really, I was all excited, the products were lovely, the service was attentive, they gave me bottles of wine on our anniversary. Then it all turned sour. Deliveries were haphazard, groceries were smashed (nice game of footy with a pavlova), and they forgot our anniversary. I chucked them and went back to my ex, Tesco.

If I do need bits outside the main shop I will still use my big Tesco store.

The skankiest store near me is Sainsbugs. Dull, badly stocked and poorly laid out.

I do have a big new Aldi too, big, bright and clean but I only go there for the odd mooch, couldnt get all my shopping in there anyway. I know you can get some bargains but really not worth the effort if it means doing different shops.

Just a point on the Tesco finest range and their dine in for 2 for a tenner, I find these to be fantastic quality. The wine is always good too. For a tenner its an absolute bargain.

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