My imagination

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my imagintion

"Sandra. Roger once bought me a 'Garden Claw' for a present, I would have preferred perfume!! The man has no imagination!!

James. I never had cats until we came here and got them to keep the vermin down in the vineyard & garden. They do a grand job and I've got used to them and their ways. I love them and the dogs to bits. Some people like pets others don't. And James, the silicone sheets are still working and are in constant use, you very kindly sent me some a couple of years ago!


So Wendy, your cats have a purpose, most do not.

Ha ha on the silicone sheets. Gosh, that was AGES ago, and we are still here babe!!! Please do let me know if you'd like fresh ones, I can easily sort that....




Thanks for the offer James but we are on the way to visit the UK today, so will pick some up ready for when the others are rendered unusable!

Wendy xx

sam from worthing

my imagination

nope not just you.

only yesterday my iron packed up - again.

like someone else said I am forever having to replace kettles and irons - the chalky water where we live has something to do with it i am sure - even with regular de-scaling.

and they aren't that cheap to replace either.

I have a hand mixer that i brought when i first met my OH over 21 years ago - still works perfectly fine no complaints at all.

before the iron went yesterday (only 18months old) the last thing to die on us was our tv went on the blink and died (only a couple of months ago - that also was only 18 months old to get that repaired would have cost over 200.00 we got a new one for 120.00!

Sue G

My imagination

I have a problem with kids shoes/trainers/boots not lasting.

son can go through a pair of trainers in a week, they play football at playtime & in no time the toes have gone. Have now banned him from playing football.

Bought daughter a two pairs of boot in the winter lasted 3 weeks same with mine, they come unstuck at the sole i have tried using glue on hers but they still fall apart.

so far since last september on the return to school i have gone through 12 pairs of trainers for son, one pair of boots. daughter has had two boots and 2 trainers.

Since we moved in November
one iron, one kettle oven is about to fall apart.

So in answer to your question i don't think thing are made to last these days.

Queen of Puds

My imagination & cats etc

No, things don't last. My Osprey purse fell apart after 5 months, & vacuum cleaner just managed 10 months - both returned under guarantee.

And I know it won't be popular, but like James, I don't like cats - wouldn't hurt one (or bin one, like that woman), but find them completely pointless. Consequently they always make a beeline for me.

And dogs are often smelly, or hairy, or stupid, or loud, or make a mess ... or all of these things, but I can forgive both if they are guide dogs or otherwise useful.

But I still wouldn't give one house-room. It's just the deliberate introduction of more work, they very tying, & anyway I already have enough to do!

Esther R

My imagination - and cats!

I have loved cats ever since I was very little. I love all animals but cats have a special place in my heart. The point of them is that they are furry and cuddly and they are not interested in football! Each to his own!

queen jean


well we have a little dog name lexi she looks like a black jack russel we think she is a patterdale,and is asleep under her own duvet most of the day,tried her in a dog bed but oh no she prefers to be tucked up in her duvet and you cant even see her bless, but cats are a no go here because my hubby is a pigeon flyer and they just dont mix ,anyway the pigeon cotes are on the allotment so they no prob realy.
but our neighbour has 3 cats and they love them just as much as i love my little lexi ,our pets give us so much back dont they ,but also have pals that simply are not pet people and thats fine too .

Essex Girl


I always stop to talk and stroke a cat when I see one away from my home but hate continually clearing up the poo in my garden. I would never have one unless I lived on a farm.


Cats again

I used to have a cat and have always been fond of them but hubby's not keen.
I have my chickens and love all the wild birds, and the one thing that has put me off the cats a bit is that someone has moved in across the road with three cats and now the moorhens don't come to our garden with their chicks, the cats often come into my porch (which is an open one) and make it smell. They scratch up my door mat and poo in my flower beds and stalk the birds in the garden.They have totally changed the peace and tranquility of the garden and spoilt it for me as I have far fewer birds coming now.

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