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I've been posting here for a long time - 6-7 years maybe? I originally posted as Relaxed Cook but think I prefer Pantastic and my jolly copper pan!

Live in SW London, work full time, have lovely husband and most beautiful boy of 5. We would have liked more but it was not to be and I used to use the site a lot when I was trying to distract myself from sadder times.

Despite working a lot, I cook loads and am never happier than when I have family and friends round the table, eating and drinking, playing cards and laughing lots. I truly believe food is the absolute social glue that keeps so many relationships alive and healthy.

Sue G


Not sure when i joined must have been about 6 years ago.

We are quite a mix in our family, Welsh, French Mexican.
Live in France with hubby and two delightful children.. Everyone in our house loves cooking & eating.

People ask do i cook English food at home and i have to say, well sort of, there is also a bit of French & Mexican in the dish as well.

I love living in France but do miss food shopping in the UK.

My days are spent, running around after two kids, 3 dogs , chickens trying to keep the garden under control as the weeds have taken over.
This year is the first year of growing our own veg, so far have made plenty of mistakes, weather has not helped. Will need to find plenty of recipes for the amount of potatoes, beetroot & onions i have grown.



My name is Christine and my husband is Lindsey, hence the Linzechris.
I'm 52 and was born in Marylebone, London where I lived until I was 26. I have lived in several places in the home counties but mostly in Lingfield and Warlingham in Surrey.
Ten years ago I moved to Lincolnshire and love it here!
It is very rural and for a while I missed the hustle and bustle as well as the shops and things to do in London but have now settled down to a quieter and more peaceful way of life, although I still keep very busy.
I keep chickens which I love and I love to cook and bake, read about it and shop for it!
I joined this forum around six years ago when I had a query, and found it addictive. I was a lurker mostly but now I try to contribute if I can and I'm on here most weekdays.
I've met Yummy and husband and we hit it off straight away and have become friends and I feel as if I've known her much longer than I have!
I love the diversity of the site and it often gives me ideas and I love reading peoples profiles and have tried many recipes from members as well as Delia.
Back in the late 80's I lived with a girl who's mother did recipe testing for Delia. I started buying Delia books and have been hooked ever since!

Garlic Chicken

Hello Everyone!


Well my name is Roast Chicken (aka Jean!) I live in Dublin not far from the sea!

I live with my two mini Schnauzers who are the world to me!

I absolutely love to cook (can't say Im that good, but have had lots of praise when I do! So I mustn't be that bad!) My next favourite thing to do with food (apart from cooking & eating) is reading cookery books!! I just can't go to a bookshop without buying one!

Ive been 'on' Delia site for about 6 years or so now, more of a lurker than a poster....... But its my first call of the day when I start start my computer up!

Great thread Noreen & great to know a bit about everyone!!

Roast Chicken xo



I'm Sandi and live in a village in the Staffordshire moorlands. I'm 66 and OH in his 70's but still working 3 days a week. No children but much involved with our nephew and niece plus their young children. Cook huge meals for them every week. Not party people but love to cook for family and friends around the table. Housework often gets ignored, cooking and reading much more important. OH draws lovely little pictures in the dust!! Love our self-catering hols too, next one is 4 nights on a houseboat moored on Lake windermere. Oh and enjoy a bottle (or 2) of wine. Cheers. xx


Hello everyone

I am Pattie...83 years young ? I live in Berkshire and have one Daughter...two Granddaughters and one Great Granddaughter. Have quite a collection of Delia's books and used them a lot in the past. Often wonder if I am the eldest Delia fan who uses this site every day.
Have had bad health for the past year but pleased to say am fine again now. So hoping to get back to some cooking and entertaining family and friends who have been so supportive of me.
To all you younger Delia fans please keep your posts going as I for one enjoy reading them so much.
Love to all


Say hello here!

Do we have any other aliases here? I knew that Relaxed Cook had reinvented herself (I remember the delight we all had when she had her little baby boy), but had no idea that Garlic Chicken was Roast Chicken! Great to know that you're still here Jean. I remember you getting the dogs and seeing the photographs when they were pups. I used to read everyones profiles but now we have done this thread... perhaps some of us should update our profiles. I haven't a clue what mine says.

H x

Essex Girl


I'm Ann and lived in Essex until about 25 years' ago when we moved to Sussex to be closer to Gatwick and Heathrow airports before my husband retired. I'm 64 and have a grown-up daughter who lives close by. I enjoy cooking, especially baking and love all animals, especially dogs and horses. Some of my best friends are people I've met through this forum - so thank you DOL!

Garlic Chicken


Hi Honey

Yes Its me! The real reason with the name change, was I hadn't logged on in ages and ages & I couldnt remember if I was Garlic or Roast! HA!

So glad you remember! Yes my two litle pooches, must send on some piccies to that Picassa site!

Yes indeed must update my profile too!

Roast / Garlic Chicken


Expat Badger



i'm Expat - i used to live in Surrey but emigrated to Canada 6 years ago and currently live in Calgary AB.

Auntie Delia taught me to cook through her 'how to cook' books and i just sort of went from there.

all the clever people on this site give me ideas and inspiration to try new things and get more and more confident in the kitchen, and for this I am very grateful!

I am 36 and live with my lovely husband and our cat Tigger

Queen of Puds

Hi all

I am a relative newcomer to the forums, but have dipped in & out of the site for years. Only really started posting when we finally got a decent broadband (now improved further, hoorah for fibre optic). Love to read all the posts - so random, yet so inspiring & it really does feel so very 'comfy' on here & there are so many knowledgeable people, about absolutely everything! Never met anyone tho. Real name Andrea, live with hubby & teenagers near Sheffield, right on edge of the Peaks (stunning), & work FT.

I hit 49 on Saturday, & was treated to a fab meal out in the evening at the Old Vicarage in Ridgeway (Tessa Bramley's place). You should have seen hubby's face at the wine price (£47 for a very splendid sauv. blanc)! Back on the diet today therefore - I have a v sweet tooth (hence the pen name) & am determined to be much more trim when I hit 50! Always difficult tho' when I read what other people are cooking & get the urge to be creative ...!

Christine - Lancashire Lass

Hi Everyone

My name is Christine too & I live in Lancashire, about 7 miles north of Manchester. I've been a member for quite a number of years but I'm also more of a lurker, rather than a poster, but check the site most days. Married for 41 years, with 2 lovely daughters & 2 great SonInLaws & four energetic grandchildren, who are growing like weeds! Love to cook for family & friends & am on a constant "diet" as a result! I'm 63 & retired 3 years ago - hubby retired a few weeks ago & we're learning to be at home together! - seems to be going OK at the moment as I love to garden & he loves to play golf, but what will happen in winter I don't know!


Say hello here

Christine’s post prompted me dust off my login details in get posting as my life runs on a vaguely parallel line.

My name is Margaret and I live in West Sussex. I've been a member for a long time, probably close to the 10 years the site has been running, but I’m ashamed to say I rarely post but lurk daily. I think I first joined when Mr Cod, Dessert Queen and others that I can’t remember the name of posted. There was a gentleman who wrote great stories in serial form parodying Dan Brown – does anyone here remember that?

I’ve been married for 40 years, with 2 lovely sons, 2 wonderful DiLs and two beautiful granddaughters. I’m 61 (yesterday) and have another 18 months to go before I can retire, when hopefully Mr Toots can also semi-retire and leave the boys to run the business. I love cooking (and eating), I’ve finally got into gardening after 40 years of ignoring it (LoL) and hope that my little garden will be enough to keep me occupied when I retire. Delia has been the one constant in my cooking, I think she taught (and is still teaching) me everything I know. I have all of Delia’s books and about 150 others; new ones have to be brought in undercover of darkness!


Say hello here!

I've been a member for about 7 years but not posting as regularly as I used to - probably a blessing for many :o)

I'm 45, married for 25 years. I've got two daughters of (nearly) 19 and 17. They're both learning to drive at the moment so my spare time is taken up with increasing their driving experience. Both are good drivers so I'm not getting any greyer.

I am a first time dog owner and absolutely besotted with my scruffy little mutt.

Like so many keen cooks, i too am constantly watching my weight! Off on a camping/surfing holiday next month and the wet suit is a bit on the tight side so I must be strict or I will end up looking like a large stress ball!

Grannie Cool


I have been a member for many years, but more of a lurker than a poster.
I'm 73 years young and married for 52 years next month. Have 2 sons and 1 grandson (who incidentally gave me my name when he was lots younger, he's now 23) We've had a home base in Bucks since 1970, although have live abroad a lot through OH's work. We have lived in Germany, Hong Kong, New York and Africa, and have spent time in Australia and New Zealand. Now we are retired and enjoying our homeland. Our home is run for the sole comfort of our Norfolk Terrier.
I don't do so much adventuous stuff in the kitchen these days, but still love to cook a good sunday roast and comfort cooking.
I try to log on here most days and love keeping up with events. I still pick up lots of tips and good ideas........wish I'd had access to a site like this when I was first married..........perhaps I wouldn't
have roasted that first chicken with the giblets in a plastic bag inside!!!!!!
Keep up the good work!!!!

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