Utensils for Pork, Fish Etc

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Actually, I wouldn't use a wooden chopping board for chicken - it harbours germs too easily - I'd always use a plastic or marble chopping board that is easier to clean. I save my wooden chopping boards for bread.

I'm trying to think of tensils that I use for specific ingredients...

Oyster knife (for opening oysters)
Apple corer (for pears as well as apples)
Cherry stoner 'point' which is attached to my garlic crusher (for stoning cherries and/or olives)
Citrus zester (I have 3, because I keep losing them)
Cheese knife (curled at the end), for cutting, and then spearing, chunks of cheese
Pickle fork (it's got a spring in it, it looks a bit like an inverted trident - you push it into your chosen pickle, then use the spring loaded part to push the pickle off the fork)
Silicon spoon for scrambled eggs
Silicon pastry brush for egg washes on pastry (also olive oil on steak or tuna steak etc. before cooking it) - much better than a hairy brush, 'cos I find the hairs come out over time.
Not sure they count as utensils, but I have 2 types of food thermometers - the one you stick in meat when it's roasting, and it tells you what the internal temperate is, and the other that's more of a 'probe' that you test food for temperature with (it's what we used to use when I was cooking as a job). The former stays in the food whilst it cooks, the latter is used to test the food's readiness before serving..erm..kind of
For curries I have to have a stainless steel 'cook's' spoon (approx 4 tbs), used in conjunction with a stainless (or carbon) steel pan. No other combination allows you to get the smokey flavour/aroma that comes from the slightly charred bits that build up around the side of the pan, and are scraped back into the sauce by the spoon :)

I could probably write a book on 'things I consider essential in my kitchen', but most people would find it rather boring!



Agree 100% about not using wooden chopping boards for meat, etc. If you put wood in the dishwasher it warps or even breaks. I use wood for bread, tho'.

For stoning cherries and olives I use a Chinese chopstick. Just a cheap plastic restaurant give-away. Hold the cherry/olive to nestle between your thumb and first finger, then push...out pops the stone!

John S.


Tompeters, after reading your earlier post on this topic I was wondering if we should really be calling you Victor Meldrew.

Dubber, you could get away nicely with a cast iron frying pan, a bain marie, a sharp knife, wooden spoon and an egg slice, you could do great things with so few tools to handle everything on your list.


great list


thank for responding!

I now have altered and added more to the list!

Baking is the biggest list so far (23) with chocolate (13), Pork (11), Fish (10) and Chicken (9) having similar amounts of utensils


updated list of utensils


carving knife
roasting pan
kitchen tongs
meat thermometer
kitchen scissors
cooks knife
marble chopping bard
silicon pastry brush
pickle fork


kitchen scissors
curved pairing knife
pestle + mortar
marble chopping board
cooks knife
stainless steel cooks spoon
stainless steel pan
cast iron frying pan


oyster knife
fish bone tweezers
bendy fish slice
chinese bamboo steamer
rubber mid
filleting knife
boning knife
silicon pastry brush
cast iron frying pan


lemon zester
nut crackers
serrated palette knife
balloon whisk
triangular cake slice
wooden plain rolling pin
flat brush
7 inch cake tin
lattice cutter
plain cutter
fluted cutter
loaf tin
wooden chopping board
baking tray
classic steamer
deep rimmed pie plate
wooden kitchen fork
balance scales
measuring jug
chinese chopsticks
apple corer
cheese knife
4 sided grater
nylon sieve


sugar thermometer
nylon sieve
balance scales
cake tin
balloon whisk
dessert spoon
flat edged spatular
short handles bowled metal soon
measuring jug
large metal fork
wooden spoon
bain marie
cherry stoner point
triangular cake slice
baking tray

With most of the utensils I have selected, I have chosen with preference to ones Delia would use - although probably not that different from other chefs - although `i haven't relied on that totally, but if she mentions one over another in her book, i'd go with the one Delia mentions, to make the selection of utensils unique to her if possible



May I respectfully suggest you proof-read your lists for typos, and to remove duplicates.

I have been cooking for over 40 years but there are several things on your lists I have never felt the need to own.

May I also suggest you get hold of some Lakeland catalogues and look at them.

Please do not expect us to do your research for you. Though I'm sure we are willing to help.

Typing out endless lists can get tedious, both for you and us, though I shouldn't answer for other people.



Hi, you could add fish scalers and fish kettles.



Don't forget string! Pref not green string ;)
Butcher's netting for packing roasts
Vacuum bag sealer system
You did have scissors? Several pairs including a left hand pair if you have any left-handed cooks in the household.
Hair net
Latex or pref PVC disposable gloves
Baked potato cooker (spikes)
Those gold wire mesh things you cook oven chips on (poundshops)
Measuring spoons and cups in the country style you need (USA is not same as Imperial or metric)




for the chicken theme, I have a few utensils, but wondered if there were any more - they can be from the other groups as well - maybe there are obvious ones that could be added?

does anyone know anymore to add to the chicken group?



Chicken theme: Depends how deeply you are going to go into all this. How about a blow-torch to remove the fluff if you are going to pluck, draw and hang your own birds :) If you are cooking in the oven, you will need a trivet as commercial chicks give off a lot of water.

Melt in the mouth cheap chicken -- Two economy (own brand miser-range) chicken leg quarters, in a glass casserole with lid, mic on 400W for about 10 mins. Stand for 10 mins. Mic at 400W again for around four mins. Leave to stand. Succulent chicken falls off the bone. That's all my cat eats and she's quite snooty about her food - good enough for a queen :)



thanks Tompeters

are there any obvious utencils I haven't mentioned for Chicken?


Utensils for pork, fish etc

I am not quite sure why you have included a pestle and mortar in your items specifically for chicken? You might meed this as part of preparations for a sauce to accompany chicken, just as you might for a sauce to accompany any food dish - but it certainly isn't a special chicken requirement.

In addition to listing appropriate items, you might find it valuable to learn the purpose and use of these items for a genuine learning opportunity.

Good luck with your project.

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