Washing meat

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Lamb's Liver

I once made the mistake of buying lamb's liver in a Sainsbugs and it was imported and horrid. Grainy and tough when cooked

Traditional butchers usually have it and lately my butcher has had calf's liver. A great treat.


Washing Meat.

I simply follow the guidelines which tell you not to.

You spread germs more by washing it than you do by leaving it and cooking it correctly.

I also do not stuff birds (shush you lot! :)) I think its very odd, I do my stuffing in a sep dish, far nicer.





No comment

James , No comment .!!


John, washing meat and darkest places on earth!

" Never, and it is ill-advised and not recommended by any authorities. "

That must be from the authorities of darkest Africa, India, Pakistan or the bowels of Asia where water comes from the communal swamp/cesspool for potable water supply."

I am no expert, John, and I come from the darkest Portugal so maybe I shouldn't be having my say but I have read that it is not advised to wash any meat as when you wash you spread the bacteria around and it is killed while cooking anyway! Moreover, if you wash red meat you will be washing the juices away. But I do know people who wash all the meat. I used to wash poultry but I stopped after reading this!


Washing meat in North America

Actually the recommendations have changed in recent times here in Canada and the US, John. Washing chicken before cooking is no longer recommended here for similar reasons as in Europe.

From the US: http://www.fsis.usda.gov/factsheets/Does_Washing_Food_Promote_Food_Safety/index.asp

And from Canada: http://www.hc-sc.gc.ca/fn-an/securit/ill-intox/info/poultry-volaille-preven-eng.php

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