Poached eggs

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Poached eggs

WC -- I think the answer is in your question! As you say, why use anything (but I do like poacher poachies sometimes just as I like salad cream not mayonnaise sometimes)? If you're going to cook in a wrap, then presumably the wrap holds it together leaving some chance for yolk to touch the film? There is a membrane round the yolk so I don't know but after the plasticiser hysteria of the ?1980s? I was left with the idea that you never cook in film and never let fat touch the film for more than minutes if cold and never if hot. I remember seeing an industry chap drinking an eggcup full of plasticiser to show how safe it is...but I also saw John Gummer force feeding his children mad cow burgers and you see the CEO of Tescos giving his economy burgers to his grandkids -not!

I really don't know. Modern preservation and techniques have made food affordable, safe and nutritious compared with the folklore idyll that is supposed to have been yesteryear. So shun at our peril but there are some worrying things out there that probably won't harm 90% of this board, but could harm our grandchildren after a lifetime's usage. But a poachie done in boiling water with nothing but salt/vinegar is certainly as close to 'good clean food' as is possible?

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