The Knitting Circle

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Liz from Cumbria

Enjoyed The Knitting Circle

Agree that it was well-written and very moving. I think the knitting circle was probably better for the participants than some counselling sessions might be, depending on the counsellor of course.

Gravy Queen 1

Knitting Circle

I agree Liz.

Like you, I usually do gory books (I like forensic pathology stuff), so this was a change for me and I really enjoyed it.


the knitting circle

Have just read this on my Ipad. It is a lovely book. Thanks Gravy for the recommendation.
It was my first ebook and I was pleased how easy it was to read. Like the fact that you can adjust the size of the font if necessary and also make notes as you go along (I need that with my memory!)
Looking forward to my next one!

Merry Christmas.

Noreen, Board Moderator

The Knitting Circle

Downloaded this last night GQ. It's the next on my list

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