The White Queen

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The White Queen

Oh I think her historical facts are pretty accurate. Obviously she has to pad the characters out but I think she is pretty reliable in terms of contextual accuracy.


good reads

The White Queen was a good book, I didn't like the Red Queen as much-but I am not really a fan of Phillipa Gregory.
I think Sharon Penman is very good, very 'historical' rather than easy read historical, but worthwhile. The Sunne in Splendour was the first in a series, she has also written about Welsh history and others, especially |Henry ii and Elenor of Aquataine - excellent.
Another good author is Elizabeth Chadwick, not as intense as Penman but very good.
Good Reading!


"A Daughter Of Time"

" "Princes in the Tower".."
Liz, it's not an historical novel as such but you might enjoy Josephine Tey's "A Daughter Of Time." A hospitalised detective, famous for his good judgement of faces, examines the case of the Princes in the Tower.

Liz from Cumbria

Ooh, thanks Gerry

I'll look out for that. Like most of us here, I do like a good read and recommendations are always welcome.


Hist. fiction

"If you're interested in the Wars of the Roses and Richard III - try Sharon Penman's 'The Sunne in Splendour'. I read it a few years back and found it unputdownable.

Thanks DG, had a look at Sharon Penman on the Fantastic Fiction website, she's written loads, going to look on our library website to see what's in stock. xx

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