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Can't imagine life without my old Kindle.
I do still buy books just not fiction. Used to drive me mad on hols. when the spine came apart and no more squinting in the sun an added bonus.Also means I can read in the middle of the night without disturbing OH - even a magilight flicked on would send him totally ballistic.


I Love My Kindle

I love my Kindle.I find the heavier types of novels from the library almost impossible to read now,----they are so heavy. It is so easy ( almost too easy to download books)
As for this, ooh I like to turn pages, I like the feel of a book,forget it, move on. READ,INVEST IN A KINDLE They are wonderful!!!

Liz from Cumbria


Tell us when your kindle arrives please!


still tempted

Birthday's not til next month.
I'm still not 100% sure about having one but am very tempted by someone here!!

Liz from Cumbria

Direct the hintee..

to this thread. That way, you can't be blamed for giving in to the temptation - after all, it would be very rude to refuse a gift. Well, it would, not to mention the hurt feelings of the giftee. Oh dear, I think I feel horn buds growing out of the top of my head ;o)


do I /don't I ?

The giftee being our wonderfully generous daughter there's no problem there. She'd get it for me tomorrow if I hinted that I'd like one, but I wouldn't do that.
By next month I will hopefully have made up my mind!!
For me, the gift of having a lovely daughter is worth more than any Kindle. She has a Kindle herself as she has to travel so much she finds it really helpful.
It would probably help if I were more technically minded?!

Liz from Cumbria

Technical minds

"It would probably help if I were more technically minded?!"

Grannie Cool was of the same opinion as you before she got her kindle and she copes with it no bother and loves it. I'll stop trying to persuade you though because at the end of the day, it's your choice (whispers...I don't think you'd regret having one though.)


Kindle Kindness

You have persuaded me Liz!
Now I just have to wait til next month!!
I'm off to daughter's in a minute..not to make my request known but to let the plumber in!!
I have my uses!!



I now have my Kindle on my iPad, what a fantastic bit of kit.
I gave my Kindle to my Dutch friend who takes it to church as she has 3 bibles on it.
Since she first took her Kindle to church 14 months ago two more people arrive on a Sunday with theirs.

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