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On Thursday November 28th between 1 and 2pm, Delia will be answering your Christmas questions in a live online chat. Ask your question here, only one per member and don't forget to join us on the day.


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Christmas chat

I plan on making chocolate bark this Christmas and really fancy a dark choc/orange combo. What is the best way to do this? Orange peel....or could I candy actual orange pieces in some way?

Happy Christmas wishes to you and Michael


Boil you christmas pudding in a cloth

Hi there, can I boil your christmas pudding In a cloth rather than steam it in a in bowl - similar to a clootie dumpling ?

Thank you !



Hello Delia

If you could put your feet up, relax and have the christmas dinner cooked for your family and friends who would you choose to cook it? (Anypersons Present or past) : )

Best to you and yours maggiex


Turkey Crown

Hi Delia

How should I adapt your Traditional Roast Turkey with Pork, Sage and Onion Stuffing for a Turkey Crown? I will only be feeding four people, so I think I will be using a crown of about 2/2.5kg.

Thanks and Merry Christmas!


Vegetarian Christmas

What would you suggest as a vegetarian alternative to the traditional roast? Preferably avoiding nuts.


Gingerbread house

Firstly I'd like to say thank you for providing me with some wonderful food memories! I grew up eating your recipes that my mum cooked for me. I bought your Summer recipe book for her when I first went to university and we would cook together when I came home. Really special, treasured memories. Oh . . . and delicious ones!

So my question, now that I am cooking for my own children is advice on making a gingerbread house. Can I use the recipe for gingerbread that is in the cakes cookbook? Any tips on adapting it or thoughts on making it special?

Thank you!

James Finlay

Roast parsnips

My roast parsnips normally end up soggy.
Can I guarantee to get them nice and crisp?
(Roast potatoes, roast carrots great! Parsnips yuck!)


Non Dairy Swaps

Can you please tell me what I can use in place of Mascarpone,Greek yoghourt and things like that in recipes that is dairy free please not just lactose free. thank you


Veggie sausage rolls

Just in case you won't like the veggie sausage rolls in Delia's Christmas recipe book, can I suggest everyone tries them. They are absolutely delicious and all my family love them - in fact my husband thinks they are even nicer than the ones made with sausages. Give them a try - I bet you will be thrilled with the results. The chocolate truffle torte is to die for - I have made dozens over the years - the last one was a double recipe made in a 12" tin for my grandson's first birthday party - it went down a treat. Even one of the Swiss lawyers I worked with thought it was delicious. I would love Delia to do a freezer book - everyone is in such a rush nowadays (not me - I'm now retired) and I think a freezer can be your best friend. Come on Delia - how about it? I've been watching you ever since you appeared on tv and now watch the Christmas repeats every year - its tradition!



I made your Christmas mincemeat for the first time but it seems 'separated' instead of being 'gooey' (it tastes fine ) what can I do to it


Confit Duck

For a change last year I thought it would be lovely to have roast duck and to make it go further to have confit duck legs as well. I used Delia's recipe and followed it to the letter. The legs smelt absolutely delicious at every stage, but what a disappointment when we sat down to our Xmas dinner - they were so salty they were inedible. What did I do wrong?


Venison and trifle

I am actually going to cook a roast venison with a red wine and pickled cherry sauce for New Years Day, and was thinking about making your Traditional English Trifle to serve later on in the evening. Do you think this would work well with the venison?


Christmas vegetables

Hello Delia, do you have any suggestions on vegetable dishes for the festive occasion? Something to balance out all the meat and sugary stuff. Thanks :)


Cooking goose for Christmas

There are only 2 of us at Christmas and we like goose. Where can I find a goose crown, and how do I cook it?

Caroline Harry

Leftover Turkey

Hello Delia, I'd like to know how long is it safe to keep using up leftover turkey? Should anything after Boxing Day be disposed of? It's only usually bits of the dark meat by that time in my fridge, and the dog does get a few scraps, but sometimes I'll buy a fresh and a frozen turkey so we get a lot of leftovers. And are turkey bones any use for stock? Thank you. Caroline, Swansea.

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