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Welcome to our Coffee Break forum! Here you can chat to other members, not just about cooking, food, ingredients and recipes, but anything that takes your fancy. Share your stories, culinary or otherwise. So. What’s on your mind today?


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Simple thanks

Oh I do so agree. When one goes to some trouble to answer a question it is very dispiriting if there is no response.

Sometimes I will pass a question by because the poster is a serial 'non-responder' or is not willing to put anything in their profile so that I can picture them, just a little.


New members

Thank you honey :)
It's funny I've only ever posted once in the 7 years, but I recognise so many screen names on here, so it's good to know people stay in contact on here.


New Member's Thread

I think it may be those of us who have the quirky, food related, names (mine derives from Honey mustard sausages!) or the more unusual names that you will remember because they're different and stick in your memory. We have probably changed our avatars a few times over the years, but there are some stalwarts that are still visiting the site for recipes. Some have been on here roughly 10 years I believe.

H x

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