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Nettle beer

A couple of years ago I made a batch of nettle beer - which is very refreshing, and uses up a LOT of nettles. There are loads of simple recipes for it if you Google. I've found it doesn't keep well though, the few bottles we had left over are now pretty cloudy with 'things' floating in them so will be discarded! This is the right time of year to make your beer, whilst the nettles are young and tender - once they're grown they're not so good.

Dandelion roots can apparently be dried and used as a coffee substitute, though I've not tried it myself! Dandelion wine is VERY good - again, a Google will turn up a load of recipes.



I think dried dandelion roots were used as a coffee and chicory substitute in the war. Not something to be recommended. Or maybe that's what the train companies use. Their coffee is the pits.



Actually I am in the process of trying to make nettle beer, a recipe I got from the book "Forgotten Skills" but the recipe is not very complete so I have no idea what is going to come out of this. It says to take nettles and stalks so I took the whole nettles, it doesn't use a lot of nettles at all and it doesn't specify the type of yeast. I used fresh baker's yeast but this is maybe not the good one. Then it doesn't say how long one should let it rest before bottling or whether it needs to be in a warm place or not. In the meanwhile I found quite a few recipes online but they are all different. We will see..... I also found a site with recipes for a lot of different type of wines: including dandelion wine but.... 3l of petals? A bit crazy if you ask me! But they also have a recipe for nettle wine. Maybe worth trying? We will have grapes in the garden soon so maybe I leave the real wine making to my husband and I make all kinds of odd brews myself?


Dandelion Root

We used to drink dandelion root coffee for it's healthy properties and lack of Caffeine.
We bought the roasted dandelion roots and I remember quite liking the coffee substitute drink it made.
Not sure I'd like it so much now, but if you're not expecting 'coffee' it tastes OK.
It was quite expensive to buy the roots, so I expect the railways use something cheaper!!

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