Tell us your favourite Delia recipe for using up leftovers

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Ghislaine Bedford

Best savoury pie ever!

My favourite Delia recipe for using leftovers is her turkay and leek pie in the back of the Christmas recipe book. I started making it many years ago and then realised I could adapt it by using chicken rather than sticking to the Christmas turkey. If I have any gammon bits in they go, stuffing, bacon-wrapped chipolatas and of course leeks all mixed in to use up whatever is left after the roast. I have to admit that if time is short I buy ready-made pastry - hopefully Delia will forgive me, I can make my own but don't always have the time.

Liz from Cumbria

Delia will forgive

I can't see Delia ever berating anyone for using ready-made pastry, after all, she was the woman who originally taught us to cheat (and I'm talking years ago when she first did it) so yes, she will forgive you. I've thinned down stews for soup or made pies from leftover stew and, like everyone else I've made rissoles or shepherds pie from leftover roasts. Turkey or chicken and ham pie comes to mind too from leftovers. Cooking "too much" deliberately for the next day's leftovers is a great idea.

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