Cleaning your oven

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Oven Pride

I bought some Oven Pride from Morrisons over the weekend so looks like that's back on the shelves too! :-)


be wary....

I used to 'like' (if you can like anything to do with oven cleaning!) Dr Bach's Oven Rescue, another one missing from the shelves now. This didn't burn your hands, corrode anything and most importantly it had no odour.

Please be wary of self cleaning ovens - if you have any birds as pets using this function on your oven can prove fatal to them :-(( They work by heating to extremely high temperatures and in effect burn the muck off, hence the dust on the base of the oven.

An easy way to clean your oven shelves and brackets is to put them in your dishwasher on its hottest cycle. Works a treat.

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