What is your favourite sandwich.

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What is your favourite sandwich.

Peeled, sliced apple and crushed Cadbury's Flake or Twirl on white buttered bread, and bacon tomato and ketchup.

Or (if other breads count as sandwiches), salt beef and gherkin bagels, and Camembert and banana baguette.

Essex Girl

Sandwich Filling

Crunchy peanut butter mixed with chopped celery works well too.

sam from worthing

Favourite Sarnie

I adore sandwiches.

mood changes for favourites.

Ultimate is the christmas day/boxing day sandwich - or gut buster.

on whole meal bread with mayo, slice of turkey, stuffing, with cranberry sauce, slices of beetroot, slices of tom, cucumber and a lettuce leaf or 2 with a bit of yellow or branston pickle.. Yummmmy.

my current favourite is egg mayo with cress on whole meal bread.

followed by sauage sandwich with HP sauce.


Such a variety

There are many varied fillings on here , & I do plan on trying some , but will have nothing to do with peanut butter , or mustard.
Had sausage sandwich today with caramelised onions left from last night.
Add a dollop of tomato sauce & it really did taste delicious.



Cream cheese and Smoked salmon on Rye Bread .



I'm not mad on sandwiches although I do like a prawn mayo on granary, and a hot sausage sandwich with tom ketchup.
Chazza,your choices sound similar to those I liked when I was pregnant!!!!!

Top Conker

What is your favourite sandwich.

I'm with Saffs on this one, nothing better than a bacon srnie with lashings of brown sauce served with a cup of tea.
Or thickly sliced freshly baked bread rubbed with half of a tomatoe, olive oil and tuna with loads of pepper.
Did anyone else have tomato sauce sandwiches, or sugar sandwiches when they were small.
I can also remember being sent off to school with a thick slice of fried bread covered in brown sauce wrapped in grease proof paper that tasted wonderfuil at lunch time.




I don't have them often either and I rarely make them. Used to buy gorgeous ciabatta ones from the local Deli filled with antepasti and good quality Italian cheese. You could ask for any combo you wanted but they also had a daily changing boards of suggestions. I really lke mexican bean wraps with cheese, salsa and guacamole etc. and more boringly cream cheese and cucumber bagels. (Or whipped cheese Madame Loik - when I bring it back from France.)


Favourite sandwich

Roast chicken and rocket with mayo or redcurrent jelly... in any homemade bread... in fact any breads... baguette, ciabatta, ;o) as long as it's not Warburtons !!



"Roast chicken and rocket with mayo or redcurrent jelly"

Mmmm, roast chicken ...

"Chazza,your choices sound similar to those I liked when I was pregnant!!!!"

Now now, I'm not quite as svelte and willowy as when I was thirteen but I didn't think it'd got that bad (yet).


Favourite sandwich

I love a sandwich made from Aldi's wholemeal seeded loaf which is then toasted. Fill this with thickly sliced ham, lettuce and tomato - pepper and salt with maybe a squeeze of lemon. Delish. I learned (when I started with Slimming World) that a sandwich made with toasted bread takes longer to eat and is far more satisfying.
It must work because I've kept my two stone off for nearly four years now!

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