Greek Islands

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Kefalonia is gorgeous and Fiskardo is beautiful.

We liked Ghania on Crete as well - and if you are feeling energetic you can walk the Samaria Gorge - its a tough walk but well worth it - just be prepared for blisters!!

Tricia C

Greek Islands

We've just come back from a flotilla holiday sailing around some of the Greek Islands. We really liked Skiathos and like Saffy thought Skopoles was lovely.

The islands seem to be surviving the financial crisis better than the mainland although they are quieter than one would expect in mid June. The Greek people are so welcoming and we should be supporting them.


Greek Islands

We've just returned from a week in Kefalonia. So lucky with the weather as it was in the 90's most days. Absolutely loved the island and we're already planning a trip for next year. We hired a car and toured around and chose areas we we really would like to explore further.

7 days of my hubby, sunshine, cold beer or retsina and yummy Greek food - my idea of heaven.


Greek islands

Hi there

Until recently, I was lucky enough to live in Greece for over 20 yrs. Such a beautiful country. People tend to automatically think of the islands, but let's not forget the many stunning parts of the mainland and Pelepponese. However, if forced to choose, I would say that island-wise, I concur with the views of many here: Kefalonia is indeed gorgeous, and you can fly straight there, none of this fly to Athens then get a ferry, etc. Greece needs our support at the moment, so I do hope as many people holiday there as possible. If you do go to Kefalonia, make sure you try the meat pie, one of the dishes for which the island is well-known.

sandra clarke


I had a great week's painting in Paxos in late September. As a Greece first-timer I was totally bowled over by the scenery, the friendly people and most of all by the crystal clear turquoise sea. We stayed in Lakka, a lovely little village in the north with excellent restaurants and shops. It seems easy to find places to stay outside high season at very reasonable prices.
The only negatives we found were the mosquitoes!


Greek Islands

I went to Antipaxos years ago. I've no idea what it's like now but it was very quiet then. It had surprisingly good roads.

I could be wrong but I seem to remember that there were no easily accessible beaches, though if you were prepared to hire a little boat you could find idyllic coves with unspoiled, uninhabited beaches.

By small boat I mean a tiny thing with an outboard motor and a life jacket, not a modest yacht or anything.

Paxos Elaia


hi there,
that's lovely thread to speak about as Greek islands are great. I should choose Paxos, as I am from there, but believe me I went all over Greek Islands, Mykonos, Santorini, Simi, Samos, Lesvos and many others.

therefore if the road(or ferry) brings you to Paxos lets have party in Antipaxos.




You could start by remembering to pack some anit-hestimine tablets. The first time we went I didn't take anything and I have to say I lived to regret it as I was bitten quite badly. As for the place itself it is fabulous and the pace is so relaxing you will come home refreshed and probably about 5lbs heavier if you are anything like me!


Paros island

hi there
regarding your preferences i think that Paros island is what you might like!!
you also can have the greek way cooking leesons"all/1/list

restaurants etc:"

have nice holidays!

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