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Pauline W


OH announced that he fancies a Capon for christmas dinner. Must admit that was a blast from the past. I had almost forgottten what a capon is. Are they still available? No doubt it would have to be from a butcher not a supermarket. Do they taste any different to large chickens?
I will be interested to know if anyone still eats them.

Pauline. xxx

sam from worthing


oh yesssss...they taste superb, in UK only readily available around this time of year till about january - and from a butcher. when we had chrostmas on our own about 3-4 years ago now i got one and the taste was superb. I did nothing fancy smanchy with it - cooked as plain chicken other than a bit of oil over the skin with salt and pepper, served with all the trimmings and was so delicious and moist, very superior to a chicken. highly recommend. I had to order the capon, but my butcher only needed 10 days from memory - and he was local he came from a farm 10 miles away (the capon that is the butcher was 30 min walk away)

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