Using oil in cake making

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Country Baker

Using oil in cake making

I generally use either butter or margarine for cake making. When is it preferable to use oil instead of butter or marg, and what is the main advantage of doing so?

Queen of Puds

Oil in cakes

I would only use oil in the recipe if the recipe said so, unless I was sure that you could substitute without issue. Using oil will change the composition, & make the cake mixture more of a batter, so you couldn't incorporate air while beating for example & you would therefore require a different, or additional raising agent.

I have several recipes that call for sunflower oil or similar in place of butter or margarine, mainly for batter style cake mixes, e.g. I have a carrot cake recipe that calls for oil & this gives it a very loose, moist texture once baked. Muffin recipes often contain oil instead of butter. I also have a couple of recipes for chocolate cake that contain some oil. I tend to find that these recipes also call for the addition of bicarbonate of soda or extra baking powder, probably because there is no solid fat to help stabilise the rise (?) I will use any oil (eg rapeseed, nut oil or sunflower) but not olive oil - although there is a recipe for cake using olive oil (but I'm not fond of the flavour personally).


Using oil in cake making

I have just one recipe using oil, inherited from my mother. My Yoghurt Cake is a guaranteed success every time and uses no additional raising agent, apart from SR flour.


Yoghurt cake

Would you be able to share that recipe with us, Thistledo?

I use oil in carrot cakes and sometimes banana cake.
I don't think the fat type has an effect on the rising of the cake - that's the baking powder and eggs, I believe.


Chocolate Beetroot Cake

..... is made with Oil, and is the Yummiest of cakes..... Mmmm!

Quite a few that I can think of, I have the Yoghurt cake on my profile, given to me by some old French ladies in a sewing group... using the yoghurt pot as the measure for all the other saves you getting the scales out and is brilliant.

I think it keeps it really moist and gorgeous.

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