And the Mountains Echoed

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And the Mountains Echoed

I've just read Khaled Hosseini's latest book - 'And the Mountains Echoed'.

He wrote 'The Kite Runne'r and 'A Thousand Splendid Suns' - I thought they were both great books.

His third one is rather different but I really enjoyed it too.. Set in more places and with more characters than the first two books, but it all comes together in the end!!

I really like his writing and I'd recommend it.

Grannie Cool

And the Mountains Echoed.

Hi! SonyaK.
I also read and thoroughly enjoyed his first two books, so when I saw that he had written another book, I bought it without hesitation for my kindle. I agree with you when say it is completely different to the other two. I unfortunately found it extremely hard going.... I read about 60% and could NOT get into it.........not a problem I had with the other two. So it is "on hold" in my Archive. I feel guilty now, perhaps I should have persisted!!!!
I believe Khaled Hosseini only writes a book every five
I will go back to it sometime!!!


And the mountains echoed

It is in my 'to read' Pile!

I too thoroughly enjoyed the other books. They really stay with you.

I have just started on the 'Game of thrones' series so I might get to it about xmas!! : )



I also read his first two books and really enjoyed them both.
I have just read "And the Mountains Echoed" and found it very different to the others,found it quite hard going to start with,I did finish it but I did not enjoy reading it as much as the other two books which I could not put down.

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