Introducing - Tracy!

Join the Tefal Fresh Week 2013 challenge. Swap convenience and ready-made meals for one week for fresh, unprocessed food. The five winners of our recent competition have each won a Fresh Express gadget and will be posting here to let us know how they are getting on. We will be introducing them to members soon.


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Noreen, Board Moderator

Introducing - Tracy!

Hi, my name is Tracy. I am almost forty years old. My husband often works away from home during the week and I hate cooking for myself. At weekends I enjoy cooking for extended family and friends.

I have Coeliac Disease, which means that I must follow a very strict life long gluten free diet. I very rarely eat processed food and am always on the look out for quick, easy, nutritious meals with every day ingredients, that don't cost a fortune to make.

tracy Newton

Pea, mint and courgette soup.

Last Monday we were home late I thought that I would try something quick and easy for supper.

Whilst the bread was baking in the bread maker I thought that I would make some pea, mint and courgette soup.

I usually chop everything by hand, but thought that I would give the Tefal Express a go. My box had already been opened and I did not have any instructions or recipies, which would have been nice. But I found the machine quick and easy to use.

I used the Tefal Express green blade to slice the onions. I had to cut the onions in half to ensure that they would fit in the feeder tube, which was a shame, adding to preparation time. The blade sliced the onions uniformly with great ease. But I needed to put a very large bowl under the slicer because sliced onions were flying all over my kitchen work top and floor.

The red grater was great for grating the courgette.

I would have preferred a chopping action, but the machine comes without one.

The machine was ease to clean. Everything came apart and popped in the dishwasher.

tracy Newton

Salad and pizza

I was only cooking for myself tonight so I decided to have gluten free pizza and salad. I make my own pizza in bulk and freeze it in portions.

The Tefal Express comes with three coloured cones that grate fruit and vegetables in various degrees of thickness.

Using the yellow cone, I started with the cucumber. The machine was efficient and fast. Unfortunately when I tried the tomatoes I was left with a soggy mess that clogged up the Tefal Express machine.

When I started on the coleslaw I was really impressed with the way the orange cone grated the carrot. This was faster and more efficient than using a manual grater. But the Tefal Express did struggle with the red cabbage. I had to push down really hard with the plunger and the machine struggled to shred the cabbage. I did get a better result slicing the cabbage with the green cone. But in the end I admitted defeat and cut the cabbage with a knife.

tracy Newton


Had a bit of a nightmare day today. My central heating boiler broke down and I had no heating or hot water. Waiting for the service engineer made me late for work and I had to make up the time by staying behind for a couple of hours.

I decided to make cheese and beet root sandwiches and take them to work with me.

I have long, fortnightly manicured, nails and hate grating cheese incase it wrecks them. Infact, I usually chop cheese into very small cubes rather than grate it.

The red cone grated a large wedge of cheddar in seconds. I was really impressed. It was so efficient I decided to grate the whole block and keep the grated cheese in an air tight container. I just wish that the feeding tube was wider so that I did not have to chop everything beforehand.

Being a a coeliac and following a gluten free diet, means that I cannot have any pickled food. I had some precooked beet root in the fridge . I tried to slice this with the green cone. It could slice the beet root but the liquid was dripping from the machine and the beet root started to clog up the cone and feeding tube. It took a while to clean. It would have been quicker and easier to slice it by hand!

tracy Newton

Wednesday supper

My veg box arrived late Tuesday afternoon. I thought that I had best get stuck into it. I decided to cook chicken breasts, stuffed with soft cheese and herbs, wrapped in Parma ham with a cheesy crust. Served with steamed pak choi , sweet corn and baked, sweet potato slices.

I used the red cone to great the Parmesan cheese, and the orange cone to whizz up some stale bread into bread crumbs. Both with succes.

The Tefal Express struggled with the potatoes, and again I gave up and chopped them by hand.

I am starting to really enjoy using this machine for grating, but find that it struggles with slicing more firmer food.

tracy Newton


Chicken breast marinated in honey, ginger and garlic. Stir fried with veg. Served with rice.

I grated the garlic and ginger with the orange cone. I did a larger amount than necessary because these are "pur&"233;ed" rather than grated and I knew that it would get caught up in the cone. But, this was easily removed with a knife and stored in a small air tight container.

Whilst the sliced chicken was marinating I started on the veg.

Using the green cone I sliced the onions and peppers with ease. All slices were uniform. My veg box contained some large open capped field mushrooms so I quartered them and added them to the feeder. They did not slice and blocked the feeding tube and parts. This was annoying because I had to take the Tefal Express apart, wash and dry it quickly before I could slice the courgettes.

I did not appreciate having to pick mushrooms up from the floor orvthevamount that was wasted when the machine clogged.

tracy Newton


Oops think I have accidentally posted Friday in the wrong section. Can a moderator please move it thanks.

tracy Newton

Saturday and Sunday

We eat out with family and friends on a weekend. Or use food that I have cooked from scratch and frozen.

I made some leek and potato soup because I had some leeks to use up from my previous shop, and some very large red spring onions (may be they were small red leeks, I was not sure) left from my veg box.

Unfortunately the green slicing cone could not cope with slicing the leeks and was inconsistent with the potatoes.

On the whole , in my opinion, the Tefal express is a fantastic electric grater. But not so good at slicing root vegetables. I have enjoyed using it, but now the Fresh Week Challenge is over I will just use it for grating.

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