Sunny Day Today

We know many of you are keen on gardening, so here's your latest plot: dug over, weed free and ready to sow the seeds of new ideas...


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Dottie May

Sunny Day Today

Quite mild and sunny today so have spent a couple of hours in the garden tidying up etc. Lovely to see things waking up again. Gathered up loads of twigs off the lawn which have been snapped off our very large Beech tree due to recent snow and wind. Feeling very satisfied with myself while typing this and enjoying a cup of coffee.


Sunny Day

Well, good for you Dottie !
Cloudy here and soil far too wet to actually get stuck in. Do more harm than good if I should try - Nature will wait and so will I !


Sunny day

Beautiful day here too, have been tidying the garden as well. The bulbs are all coming up, it is almost spring, thank goodness !

queen jean

sunny day

yes nice to see a bit of sunshine ,it does give you a bit of a lift,went for nice walk with dog this morn ,been stuck in all week decorating ,needed to get out from smell of paint ,get bit fresh air .did me and dog good ,then i enjoyed my sunday dinner .then il be nodding on sofa this afternoon .with dog snoozing next to me as usual.

The Cat's Mother

Same here

Lovely sunny day here in SW France as well - a few crocus have come through in the last couple of days - and there are catkins on the trees - a wonderful sign that Spring might just be on the way.

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