mediaeval murder mysteries

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mediaeval murder mysteries

Series by Michel Jecks, set in Devon. New to me and am enjoying them.

Yvonne the Novice


I can recommend the Shardlake series by CJ Samson


Matthew Shardlake

"I can recommend the Shardlake series by CJ Samson"
Have been reading them.


Mediaeval mysteries

"I can recommend the Shardlake series by CJ Samson"
Read all these too and enjoyed them, looking forward to the next one. Will investigate the Michael Jecks books for future reading. x


Michael Jecks

Goodness, just checked this author on Fantastic Fiction, lots of books here to keep me out of mischief for months! Think i will start with the first one and work my way through. x


Similar books

Others series similar to the (fantastic) books of Michael Jecks are:

Susanna Gregory
1. The Matthew Bartholomew series (set in 14th centry England)
2. The Thomas Chaloner series (set in the Restoration)
3. (writing as Simon Beaufort) The Sir Geoffrey Mappestone series (set in early 12th century)

P C Doherty (aka Paul Doherty and Paul Harding
1. Hugh Corbett Series (set in 13th century)
2. The Sorrowful Mysteries of Brother Athelstan (set in 14th century)
3. The Amerotke books (set in Ancient Egypt)
4. The Egyptian Mysteries (set in Ancient Egypt)
5. (writing as Michael Clynes) The Sir Roger Shallot books (set in the reign of Henry VIII)
6. (writing as C L Grace) The Katheryn Swinbrooke series (set in 15th century England)

Bernard Knight
1. The Crowner John series (set in the reign of Richard I)

Candace Robb
1. The Owen Archer series (set in 14th century)
2. The Margaret Kerr series (set in late 13th century)

Philip Gooden
The Shakespearean Murder Mysteries (set in the reign of Elizabeth I)

Kate Sedley
Roger the Chapman series (set in 15th century)

Peter Tremayne
The Sister Fidelma books (set in 600s)

Lindsey Davis
The Marcus Didius Falco series (set in Vespasian's Ancient Rome)

Margaret Frazer
1. The Sister Frevisse books (set in 15th century)
2. Joliffe the Player series (set in 15th century)

Simon Scarrow
The Cato series (set in Claudius' reign)

Steven Saylor
Roma Sub Rosa series (set in the end days of the Ancient Roman Republic)

R S Downie
The Medicus Investigations (set in Ancient Britain, during the reign of Roman Emperor Hadrian)

David Wishart
Marcus Corvinus series (set in the Ancient Rome of Tiberius)

Alys Clare
The Hawkenlye series (set in the reign of Richard I)

Cassandra Clark
The Abbess of Meaux Mystery series (set in 14th century)

James Forrester
The Clarenceux Trilogy (set in the reign of Elizabeth I)

Ariana Franklin
Mistress of the Art of Death series (set in the reign of Henry I)

Jan Guillou
The Crusades Trilogy (set in 12th century)

Caroline Roe
The Chronicles of Isaac of Girona series (set in 14th century Spain)

Rosemary Rowe
The Libertus Mysteries of Roman Britain

Sorry if it's a long post, but I read about a book every day and this is my favourite genre. :-)


Medieval murders

And don't forget Umberto Eco's 'Name of the Rose'!

Yvonne the Novice

L Davies

I enjoy her work, too.

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