supposed 5 - a - day

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sam from worthing

supposed 5 - a - day

now 8 a day!


some days i struggle with 1 or 2 fruits or veggies a day.

how about you? do you get your full quota?

anyway - i know its all supposed to be different fruits and veg - but do you know if you had a yellow, green and red pepper in one dish - it counts as 3 or 1?

As i am making my non meat meal today - and its got 3 peppers (one of each colour), 2 onions, garlic, celery, carrot, tomatoes and 2 tins of mixed beans in.

Queen of Puds

it's madness

I agree - all seems barmy. Also, when my Dad was finally caught by the diabetes police he was told to cut down on eveything including the veg (he was in the habit of eating too much of everything however) but I'm still not sure whether you can believe anything these days. All in moderation perhaps? And what if you were to drink a smoothie - where does that feature?


5 a day!

I've not read that its not 8 a day, I can't manage 5!!! (edit: I've just searched a found a mail online story
which says a think tank has suggested 5 is not enough and it should increase, but these is no actual change in WHO or GOV guidelines. Originally it was suggested that 12 poriotns were needed but the WHO knew that would never take off so reduced it!)

Each of your 5 should be 80g, Sam.

So, three portions of different peppers count, if you are eating 80g of each, which I doubt anyone really does.

The only rules I'm aware of are:

Lentils, beans and pulses count as 1 portion, even if you eat three tons of the stuff. A smoothie can only count as 2, even if advertised as 4, and potatoes (the only veg I really love!) do not count at all.



I eat what I fancy , never count calories, certainly never count my 5 a day.
The whole idea of what to eat , what is good & bad for you changes from day to day.
Today it is 8 a day , tomorrow it will be back to 5.
What happened to us all thinking for ourselves.
Somedays I have lots of fruit , @ somedays none at all.
I am not sure I would be able to maintain having 4 a day let alone 8.
Who sits & dreams all this up?


Big 5

I agree, all in moderation, whatever you like. I could never eat 8 a day and some days eat 5 others 1 or 2. I've stopped counting.
I love butter which is supposed to bad for you too.
I was told by my doctor that as long as you don't smoke and you drink within reason then you are ok. Everyones body reacts differently to things anyway.x

Expat Badger

8 a day!!??!

i honestly don't eat enough to fit that in!

i had fruit and yoghurt for brekkie, having a cheese salad sarnie for lunch

then asparagus, proscuitto, poached egg, bit of salad planned for dinner

banana snack this avo

how am i meant to fit the other 4 in??!?!

violet eyes

5 a day

I read somewhere that if you eat the way they ate in the 50/60's it's better for you. Eat more butter, cream ,full fat milk, cheese etc and none of that low fat stuff. It's making people ill. Sugar does us no good. I watched Sugar:the bitter truth by Robert Lustig on Youtube. That was very interesting. Trying to cut down on sugar now, not that I eat that much but I do like cake. As to 5 a day well yes we probably do most days.
I often say to the OH "eat this today because tomorrow it will be bad for you"


5 a day

I am not sure I could eat 8 a day --how silly !!!As someone said Food Police are after us !!! I have a diploma in Diet and Nutrition and tis fine to spout all this stuff but at the end of the day we all choose what and when to eat so unless they stand over us or ban choice and just issue us with x number of tablets a day containing all we need I feel individuals should make choices with the guidelines we have which change on a regular basis .
Rant over !!!!


supposed 5 - a - day

Doesn't seem to be making us fitter. Walking through my local shopping mall today loads of shoppers who were clearly half my age looked nearly double my weight (well, almost!). So, maybe instead of 5 or 8 a day, it should be 2.


scrummy diet

Love the sound of your diet EB! Just my sort of thing. That's GOT to be healthy as well as delicious!!


5 a day

I doubt that I could eat that much. I don't eat a lot full stop, always very small portions. Fortunately my favourite food is chicken salad. To make sure I eat (I often forget to) I keep small containers of various cut fruit in the fridge (melon, strawberries, pineapple, apple, blueberries) at all times plus I make up a bowl of chicken salad. Throughout the day I snack on these things and sometimes boiled eggs or cheese.

In the evening I cook for my OH but often I will not eat the meat and just have a serving of veg (usually broccoli, cauliflower, spinach, courgettes. So there is definitely a variety of fruit and veg in my diet but I doubt that it would make up 5/8 a day.

Also, I hate margarine, I eat butter!

Expat Badger

5 a day

it's not always that healthy every day Broomstick but we do try!!


5-a-day, 8-a-day ...

sam from worthing wrote: "now 8 a day! ... how about you? do you get your full quota?"

Was there some announcement that we should now be eating 8 a day?

I had the chance to ask a dietician about portions, she told me that one portion was the amount you could comfortably hold in your hand, which I liked because most adults and children have hands that are proportional to their bodies.

She also said:
that five portions didn't necessarily mean five different fruits or vegetables (though variety was good)
that tinned and frozen vegetables all counted,
that beans were complicated and didn't really count, (I can expand on that if anyone's interested) and
that green leafy vegetables were the best of all the fruit and vegetables.

I thought that all of this was really good, clear advice that helped me to be a lot less stressed about the whole subject.

And it probably means that all the readers of DOL are already pretty much following the guidelines already.

By the way, people who drink in moderation live on average 6 years longer than abstainers.


Chazza, beans info. please

What's the low down on beans, please. I struggle to eat 5 a day as I'm not a big fan of fruit and so will often have beans on toast for breakfast or lunch to meet the target and also increase fibre intake.

Does it apply to all pulses, chick peas, lentils etc. too?

Thanks, Kilmory


Bean info

Hi Kilmory, I wish I could remember the name of that dietician to give her a proper credit. First of all the positive - she said that there was nothing wrong with pulses!

She said all pulses are a mix of the various food types we think about in the current food wheel most people use - they have carbs so they partly fit into the 'one third carbs' section, they also contain lots of protein so they make a decent substitute for meat, and they also combine with carbs in the stomach to create half protein combinations - so beans on toast for lunch has more protein overall than the amount of protein in the beans and the toast added together. 1+1=3

They're also very high in fibre, which is very good news, and relatively tamper-proof, by which I mean they don't hold sprays the way leafy plants do.

So on that side of the coin it's all good news. On the other side, they generally need long cooking, which reduces vitamin content drastically, and they're about as far as possible from being a raw green leaf so they don't give the digestive system the same physical and chemical workout.

To quote James: "Lentils, beans and pulses count as 1 portion, even if you eat three tons of the stuff", which is pretty accurate. So they DO count as 1 portion (that's what you wanted to read, isn't it :-) but you can't get five a day from five portions.

There's nothing wrong with ratatouille on toast or tomatoes on toast as an alternative - they will push up the score if you eat plenty!

But after all that, remember the really significant health change most people can make is to cut down on sugar and fat, even if just a little bit. Sorry about that.

Perhaps other readers can add to this, or let us know what they think of these comments.

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