So nice in Nice...

If you've discovered a wonderful eaterie in the foothills of the Himalayas or want to know the hip place to eat during your forthcoming trip to Cape Town, here's the place to post!


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Lizzie Lancashire

So nice in Nice...

Hi all, I'm off to Nice in 3 weeks time - can't wait! Does anyone have any good foodie recommendations - restaurants/cafes, foodie shops?


Lizzie x



There are lots of very French places to eat in Place Charles Felix, some are more French than others but most had a very "Nicoise" identity

So nice in Nice

If you want a simple supper try Le Safari ini Cours Selaya. It's very big, very busy, with lots of tables outside so you can see the street entertainers as they come by. Not the greatest restaurant in the world, but certainly one to try for a bit of fun and to watch everyone pass by.

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