value for money in rome

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barbara wills

value for money in rome

we are going to rome next week,
does anyone have any suggestions for economic eating, we are told it is very expensive to eat there




Eating in Rome

Well, eating in London or Paris can be expensive depending on where you go. It's probably three years since we were in Rome but walking back to the city from the Vatican we found a little wine shop, stacked to the ceiling with vino, plus just a few tables. Very reasonable. Then not far from the Forum there are lots of pavement pasta & pizza places that are fine. Also, a bit out of the centre, we found a restaurant with rugby players pics on the walls - might have been called Michele's - where the owner had been a rugby player and the prices were affordable. You won't starve and you will definitely love Rome! Enjoy! (Sorry I'm not really much help.)



I was there in 1998 so I can't remember any particular restaurants, but I do remember that we used the Lonely Planet guide for recommendations and were very happy with them all. They all turned out to be exactly as recommended ie 'cheap and cheerful' or 'great food at great prices' was exactly that, and all the recommendations fell into line with the spending category they had them in. If you don't want to buy the book sneak a peak in your bookshop!



We were in Rome in November and have been quite a few times over the years and found it to be no more expensive than any other European capital city. There are loads of little restaurants in the side streets. Also head for Navonna Square where there are lots of lovely restaurants and bars in and around that area,and also lots of variety. Have a lovely time.

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