When I go to IrelandI love!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

If you've discovered a wonderful eaterie in the foothills of the Himalayas or want to know the hip place to eat during your forthcoming trip to Cape Town, here's the place to post!


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When I go to IrelandI love!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

When I go home to Ireland I like nothing better than boiled bacon , & cabbage with potatoes that are cooked in their skins.The potatoes resemble balls of flour, & are soooooooo delicious.
My brother in law always buys me a sack of spuds to bring back with me .
Certainly something different to fetch back from holiday.!!!!!!!1.
I also love the bread that is made there every day.In the small cafe's you can have tea with a slice of bread & jam.Tastes fab.Very often the simple food tastes the best.Tea made with leaves , & slices of brack with 2" of butter.
Heaven .


and still in Ireland...

...i like their wheaten loaf, one of my Irish friend's always brings me back a couple along with white pudding.
Their Ulster fry is something else too....foodie.


in France

I love there French sticks !! Nrver the same in the UK .and they don't travel well so something to look foward to .

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