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I have an overnight case on wheels with a handbag that clips on to it. I asked Ryanair does it count as one bag and they said it was two bags. It wasn't a problem I just put the handbag part into the main part. Instead of one bag weighing up to 10kgs why can't the airlines have a combined weight to take on board, one handbag, say, 1kg and a small case of 9kgs. It still adds up to the same and most women want a handbag to carry essentials, you need to show your passports so many times, I for one, don't want to keep opening and closing my case to get my documents out. I do know I can put my bag in at the last minute before boarding then I take it out on board. What is the point in only allowing one bag when I can do that?


Carry on Bag

I have a Tripp carry on bag that conforms to size and it has a pocket on it that I put my passport in so that is easy to take in and out. I have my handbag flattened in my carry on case.

Ann Wilson


i agree with you Wendy hate having to open case everytime to get passport out, when a small handbag would be more convenient.

sam from worthing

Bags on Planes

I had no idea that you couldn;t take a handbag on a plane with you.

Before last summer, it had been 20 plus years since i last flew. But last summer, I took a small handbag that was just big enough for my purse and our passports and our front door key, and acouple of other things, other females that we travelled with had enormous handbags with the kitchen sink in.

How times have changed.



You Can.

"I had no idea that you couldn;t take a handbag on a plane with you."

You can take a handbag on with you Sam, but that is your hand luggage. One piece per person. A handbag is one piece of luggage......



Passport holder

I travel back to the UK a few times a year, and the most convenient way I've found to carry my passport, boarding card, ticket documentation etc is in a small wallet sized bag that hangs round my neck. They sell them in airport travel shops. It doesn't count as any type of luggage, it's safe because you can see it all the time, and it's very handy - saves grubbing around in your handbag when you need to show yet another piece of paper to anyone. It might look a bit dorkish, but the convenience outweighs that!

Essex Girl


I suspect that the one bag policy is to save time at security when things go through the xray machine.

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