What CD do you take on holiday?

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What CD do you take on holiday?

Sam from Worthing's post has given me a great idea .... what CD or CDs do you always take with you, or put in the car when you're on holiday. But this comes from someone who hasn't really switched on to MP3s or Ipods. I'm too old ...
Let's get the ball rolling ... if we go to France, we always put in at least a few Michel Thomas "Learning French" CDs (makes us feel better about speaking the lingo). Then it's at least one Abba CD, a couple of "Ministry of Sound" Chillout, Buena Vista Social Club and (always) the Gotan Project.
Yes, yes, I can hear you all gasp - ooh, she must be sooo old .... yes, I am - but we love that music, and it's great driving-along music!

Biggles !

Charles Trenet pour moi..

the lyrics can be downloaded fron t'internet :0)

Does help my linguistic skills and I lurve the music


holiday CDs

When we went to Switzerland we each chose one: I chose a saxophone quartet playing jazzy arrangements of classics and stuff; the daughter brought the Kiss Me Kate soundtrack and a CD of Monty Python songs; I can't remember what the other two brought. But it rained so we went on a really long journey to Italy and played those CDs over and over (should have brought more!); they will always remind me of that holiday! In fact, 'too darn hot' from 'Kiss me Kate' is a good one for really hot days!

Daisy Chain

Too old!!!??

Hi Michele,
We always used to take cds when going on long car journeys. Quite an eclectic mix of classical, heavy rock(my LH's choice) and pop (my choice).
Since buying an MP3 player a few years ago, I just download all our favourites and play them on "shuffle". Saves any arguments over whose music has been played the most! Plus it's all in one tiny piece of kit.
Daisy x


CD on holiday's

Sorry dont take anything . Either listen to the Radio or talk to each other .


Talking books

It has to be talking books. The human voice. A good reader reading a good book. The journey passes in no time.

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