Nimes, France

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Nimes, France

Am off to Nimes soon anybody any suggestions for eating and drinking places - am looking forward to exploring the main market! Am interested in anything that is not too expensive!


I love Nimes!

Lucky you. You'll have a great time!

The part of the city that you actually explore is extremely compact and can easily be done within a day on foot. The amphitheatre is a must, as is the Maison Carree. Amazing modern gallery/library near to the Maison Carree as well. The gardens are also a nice spot to relax in, with the remains or a Roman watch tower at the top of the hill in the gardens. I hope you have access to a car because you also simply must visit Pont du Gard, a virtually intact Roman aquaduct a few miles outside Nimes. Stunning. The river is a lovely place to hire a canoe for a paddle or even just swim in to from the banks. It gets very hot there! There are bus tours there from Nimes though.

Food wise, you will have the most amazing tomatoes (sounds silly I know but they are fab!)! The local plonk is pretty good too (red and rose).

Two places that I can recommend for food are both right off the central square, Place du Marche (which is tiny). If you stand with the fountain of the crocodile(!) behind you and walk to the far end of the square there is an exit in the top left hand corner of the square (Rue Saint Antoine, I think), literally on the right is a little tiny place that has a few table on the pavement and serves very simple salads, plats des fruits du mer and a couple of other specials. The food is all cold as they have no cooking facilities but it is great, simple, delicious fare. The other is again just off the square, again with your back to the crocodile there is a little alleyway off to the right, about half way down the square between the tables and chairs of the other eateries (Rue de la Fresque, I think). It is the second of third building on the left. A very eclectic looking place, stuffed full of old knick-knacks and photographs of various people. Again food delicious. Slightly more expensive but very good traditional French food.

I do recommend that you go to Les Halles (the under cover food market) to buy lovely meats/cheeses/breads/olives/fruits and vegetables and have yourself a fabulous picnic (don't forget to take some plastic cutlery, plastic cups and a corkscrew with you as I had great trouble getting hold of these without spending a small fortune!). Be careful though, it is not as cheap as you might think in the market.

Finally, if you are mobile I can recommend a trip to Arles a beautiful town to the SE of Nimes with its own Roman amphitheatre. It is also where Van Gogh lived and Gaugin painted some wonderful pieces.

Gosh, that turned into rather a monlogue didn't it! Hope it helps. Have a wonderful time.


WOW great reply!

Thanks Steven for your informed reply.

Am looking forward to visiting Les Halles - you must have read my mind about the plastic knives and forks! We are travelling via Ryan Air so doubt we can take this sort of stuff in our on board luggage. Maybe I will have to try and get some at the airport once have checked in!

The two restaurants sound superb. Will do my utmost to check them out.

I have heard the local vino is good and cheap so cant wait to sample a few! We have a balcony at our hotel so am hoping to while away an hour or so trying them out!

welsh lamb

See todays Cooking in the sun

I have never been there so cannot advise but I notice todays programe is about Nimes!!


Plastic picnic stuff

I don't think you would have a problem with plastic cutlery in your hand luggage. It is so cheap it would be worth the risk I think even if they confiscate it. I haven't been to Nimes but love the indoor market at Narbonne. You can buy your steak/fish and salad ingredients and two of the bars in the market will cook it for you and only charge about a euro to prepare/cook it. You can order chips and bread and the local wine in pichets. Maybe they do the same in Nimes market. We really enjoy it as you sit on stools around the bar and usually have a chat with the other diners. Cx

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