Delia Smith awarded CBE

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Delia Smith awarded CBE

Probably in the wrong place and way behind all of you in the UK but here goes anyway. I read the Daily Telegraph on line and was so excited to see a photo today of Delia receiving this award from your lovely Prince Charles [who was just here with Camilla]. Well done Delia. Couldnt happen to a more deserving person. You 've been making me look good in the kitchen for more years that I care to count! Sally K in Canada
PS Again. Sorry if this in the wrong place but had to say something.



Redguide, Yes it was exciting and well-deserved.

Lyn B

Delia's CBE.

Congratulations - Harold would have been so proud of her.
Well done.



I think it was an insult! Our Delia has done more for the country than all these TV stars and sportsmen who become Dames and Sirs.

Delia changed the way we eat, shop and cook. She should have been DAME at least, better still Order of Merit

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