pizza stone ?

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zoe humble

pizza stone ?

My pizza's are ok but I really really want a pizza oven in the garden (dream on). Anyway has anyone tried any pizza stones etc to stop the old soggy bottom issue? I've tried those tins with holes in the base. I don't think they work - but could be corrected...

I now just try and make sure my topping isn't too deep and the oven is really hot etc.

I've got a piece of marble which I place the pizza on. (its been heated first) but it is really too small for the pizza so I need something bigger. thanks Zoe

Lynn from Wigan

Good old Lakeland

I bought a picca stone many years ago from Lakeland which is really good. You pre-heat the stone base plate in the oven. It also has a stainless steel trivet to put the stone on when the pizza is cooked.

Nausea Bagwash

Lakeland pizza stone

I believe Lakeland no longer stock this.

When using a metal sheet for cooking your pizza do you put it in the oven to heat up while you are assembling the pizza? It seals the base very quickly and stops the sogginess.

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