Titanium saute pan

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Titanium saute pan

Hi - new poster.

Looking to buy a new non-stick saute pan for Christmas but have had some bad experiences with non-stick in the past and now want to buy the best in the hope that it will last a long time......

Looking at Woll, SKK, Gastrolux, Swiss Diamond, Procook Titanium etc. Pans range between £70 and £100 which is a lot of money in my books.

Anyone have any experience of using these type of pans and do they still stay non stick after a number of years?

Hesitant to spend that amount of money if they are not going to last (with proper care of course)



Titanium saute pan

I've used Circulon frypans for a few years now and I'm very happy with them and the non-stick surface is fine.
They aren't as expensive as SKK (at least, not in Oz.) and most of them can be used on Induction hobs (may not matter to you, though).
I'd certainly recommend them.


Saute pan

I have the SKK one which I have had for around 12 years now and it is still non stick. It is also a good pan for all sorts of tasks and the handleis detatchable so it can double up as a shallow casserole although it can be put in the oven with the handle on too.
A brilliant investment in my opinion. It is the onlySKK pan I have because of the price but was well worth the money. The only draw back is that it is VERY heavy. Especially with the lid on and full of food. Howeve titanium should be lighter. Mine is cast iron.

Rosemary S

ProCook Titanium

I have a ProCook Titanium pan (saucepan) which is a fabulous pan so far. I've only had it a few months so don't know how well it will last. It does carry a 25 guarantee with it. Prices are also very good on their site at the moment. Glass lids are also included in the price. It is very well built but not too heavy. I would recommend this cookware. I had an SKK saute pan from Lakeland a few years ago but the non-stick started peeling off after about a year. Maybe a faulty pan but Lakeland, of course, replaced it for me with one of their My Kitchen saute pans and I must say, this pan has performed very well indeed.

PS: I would never use metal utensils in non-stick pans. The silicon spoons are very good to use with them.



Thanks for replies so far. Looks like the titanium type pans are the thing to go for. Now to get a good price on one to keep the missus happy!


Avoid SKK

How disappointing!

Bought one of their frying pans and as the non stick is no longer non stick I returned it to them under the 5 year warranty which is a waste of the paper they print it on.

I have been advised that I have misused it and it looks like dishwasher damage???

Strange thing is I don't have a dishwasher.

Next I was told I needed to use more oil in my cooking??

Is that not the whole point of owning a non stick pan??

Poor quality and ever poorer customer service. AVOID!

Back to my 15 year old Le Cruset, which is still surprisingly non stick albeit a little heavy.


Follow up on above post

A follow up from SKK, please save your hard earned and buy another make as they really are poor. As is the so called 5 year warranty.

A pan that has only been used on the smallest gas ring and costs over £100 should not have such inadequate coating that it burns out.

See below......

Dear Sir,

thank you for your email dated Aug. 25, 2011 and the information therein.

In regard to the photos be informed that the product wasn't used in accordance with our use and care instructions, because discolouration or damage from overheating
is not covered by our warranty. The non-Stick surface of this product has changed the colour inside and is burned out, totally.

Best regards

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